Blossoming act Feather has released the remixes of his debut EP, ‘Becoming’. The new record features eight new renditions of his songs by rising producers.

Feather’s five-track debut EP, Becoming, gained over half a million streams earlier this year.

Following the release, the producer has dropped a brand new remix EP to complement the record. Becoming (Remixes) features new interpretations of the tracks by various rising producers.

The eight-track collection includes unique remixes such as Juuku’s cinematic take on ‘Where Are You’, Lumasi’s future bass remix of ‘Smoke’, Badnights’ downtempo remix of ‘Keys’, and a heart-wrenching version of ‘Rise’ by Artm.

Additionally, the new EP opens up with a groove house VIP remix of Feather’s ‘Keys’.

Feather says,

“I’ve always loved remix albums because it’s a cool way to take a song and turn it into a completely different style and vibe. In the last couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredibly talented producers, and I love hearing an entirely different spin on how I envisioned each track.”

Feather has made waves across the dance music space with his epic instrumentals and stylistic fusion of EDM and pop music. He gained prominence with his remixes of tracks before focusing on releasing his debut EP, Becoming, this year.

Photo credit: David Lehr