The lead vocalist from the English pop rock band Lawson tells us more about their latest single ‘Lovers’ (their first new sound after four years!), what music they have planned for us, and their tour plans for the future.

Known for their hits such as ‘Standing In The Dark’ and ‘Where My Love Goes’, Lawson have just released their new music and single in four years.

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‘Lovers’ was unveiled on April 17, 2020. To date, the catchy tune and aesthetically beautiful music video has had over 74k views on YouTube and over 200,000 listens on Spotify.


Ahead of the release of the next single, we asked the band more about their latest sound hitting the airwaves, what else they’ve been up to of late, and what else we can expect from them.

ASL365: Hi Lawson, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Congrats on the new single ‘Lovers’. It’s quite a smashing and catchy sound! What were the lyrics inspired by?

Andy Brown: It’s inspired by new love. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and just wanting to run away together. Get lost in every moment.

ASL365: We’re loving the video-like visuals of the music video for “Lovers” – where was the video recorded and what inspired the story/art direction behind it?

Andy: It was recorded in Brighton near London. We used a friend’s warehouse and Adam, our drummer, made the awesome projection on the wall.

ASL365: Four years is a long time. We’ve missed you guys terribly. What have you been up to during this hiatus?

Andy: All sorts of things! Still making music just in different projects. Lawson will always be our number 1 baby though.

ASL365: We’re super excited that you guys are back now and can’t wait for more new music from you! Tell us – besides ‘Lovers’, what else can we look forward to being released? Another single/EP/album? What’s the musical direction of the band now? We’re obviously very excited!

Andy: Yeah we’re going to release new music every 6-8 weeks or so. The next song is very 80’s inspired. It’s important to us to give our fans as much music as possible!

ASL365: How about a tour? Once the global situation eases, can we expect to see Lawson play in Singapore as well? I reckon many of us would love to have you in Asia!

Andy: We’d love to come back. Singapore was one of our favourite places to gig. We had such a fab time there. When this is all over it’s definitely something we’ll be putting in place.

ASL365: What song (past, present or upcoming), are you most excited to play live again?

Andy: I love our first single ‘When She was Mine’, it’s still my fave.

ASL365: You guys have worked with B.o.B before for ‘Brokenhearted’. If you could collaborate with another artiste/band in the future for a song – who would it be and why?

Andy: Would love to work with Miley Cyrus, big fan of her work.

ASL365: Who’s on your playlist or your current bop right now?

Andy: I’m loving LANY and also the band Camino. I’ve also been listening to a lot of older songs, I’ve got back into some old John Mayer albums, absolute classics!

ASL365: We’re seeing a lot of folks turn to becoming their own ‘MasterChefs’, The Great British Bake Off experts, and even tried their hand at gardening, crafts, singing and dancing. Even Tik Toks have become extremely popular. What is the ‘stay home’ situation like in the UK for you and have you ‘indulged’ in any of the above?

Andy: Yeah it’s tough for everyone, I’ve been spending lots of time with my family and my little boy. He’s just turned two so I’m having so much fun with him at the moment. Most of the day we’re pretending to be dinosaurs, haha.

ASL365:  Lastly, any shout-out to your fans in Asia?

Andy: Thanks so much to all our Asian fans. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you soon!

ASL365: We can’t wait to see you too! Thanks again Lawson and keep safe! 

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