grentperez’s ‘Conversations with the Moon’ EP out now

The rising singer-songwriter’s debut EP is out now along with new single ‘Why I Love You’.

‘Why I Love You is the sixth and final track of grentperez’s debut EP, ‘Conversations with the Moon’.

He shares,

“Why I Love you is a song about a relationship that seems too chaotic for its own good, but somehow just works. This song really brings out the perfect imperfections within a relationship, talking about the inconvenience and moodiness that this person brings, but you ultimately love those factors because that’s what makes them who they are.  On top of that, to me makes the relationship that much more fun.”

‘Conversations with the Moon’ features hit single ‘Cherry Wine’, which has accumulated over 18 million streams, as well as follow-up tracks ‘My Heart It Beats For You’ and ‘Clementine’.

Fans recently submitted videos to be a part of his music video for ‘My Heart It Beats For You’.

Listen to Conversations with the Moon via Spotify below.





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