Viral TikTok star and DJ/producer HEYZ has dropped his debut EP, Who Is HEYZ, via Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats imprint.

The five-track record contains a set of music videos that tap into HEYZ’ fun creativity as he assumes over-the-top personas from an emo punk banger for ‘Anyway’, 90s raver for ‘Fleeting’, a leather-clad gimp for ‘Body Language’, and a cowboy for ‘Wildheart’.

Who Is Heyz, the TikTok star’s debut EP on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats imprint, has been described as his ‘most crucially poignant release’ to date.

HEYZ explains,

‘This EP is really important to me. I’ve landed on a label I love, with music I love, and a brand that’s really fun for me to put out there. In the EDM world you see a lot of “mysterious” artists, whether they don’t reveal their face, or are a marshmallow, or some kind of dark underworld robot overlord. I thought about doing all that kind of stuff, but what finally worked was me literally just being my goofy self. Seeing the hundreds of comments I get on TikTok every day where people say I “make their day” or “cure their depression” . . . it makes me really happy. I can’t wait for what the future holds, and to keep making people smile.’

Track opener ‘Anyway’ features heavy bass drops and vocal cuts that keeps the energy up for its two-minute-and-40-second run.

Dubstep track ‘Fleeting’ has an atmospheric tone that entrances the listener before its sick drop.

‘Body Language’, one of the lead singles, features electropop duo darkDARK on vocals. They help complement a nice balance to ethereal vibe of the track. amid the bass and snares.

‘Wildheart”s dubstep sounds maintains a consistent fiery energy with its rising tension before exploding to warbly soundscapes.

Closing out the EP is ‘Just Friends’ featuring singer-songwriter Taylor Ravenna. Ravenna’s euphoric vocals glides through the melodic production. The bass-centric tune and its melancholic lyricism are force to be reckoned with.

HEYZ, real name Mike Hayes, gained a strong following on TikTok for his outrageous skits and dancing videos. His playful, lighthearted sense of humor is part of his appeal including dressing up as wacky, over-the-top characters.

He has released music for Circus Records, Jauz’s Bite This!, and Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats.