Hojean, also known as Justin Yi, is an up-and-coming Korean-American R&B artist who has amassed a dedicated fan base. This was evident from the outpouring of vocal enthusiasm heard from the audience.

Hojean performed in the intimate space of Lido Connect hall 3, dressed in his signature grey and blue hoodie, tightly cinched around his face.

Kicking off the show with “You Ain’t Gotta,” Hojean delivered an engaging and crowd-pleasing performance. Our anticipation was met with his positive and heartfelt delivery. However, during “Weekends,” a technical glitch momentarily interrupted the song, prompting Hojean to restart it to ensure optimal sound quality. Fortunately, the second take showcased his vocal prowess, with his voice seeming to float effortlessly across the venue.

The infectious beats of “Pick up your phone” compelled us to move in time with the rhythm and enjoy the relatable, pleading lyrics. Shortly after this song, an unexpected incident occurred when Hojean’s guitarist broke his E string. Without hesitation, Hojean promptly offered his own guitar, accompanied by an entertaining drum roll from the drummer, signifying the instrument swap. It was an unprecedented moment for the band, adding a unique touch to the overall experience.

The soulful ballad “Over 85” received resounding cheers as soon as Hojean announced the title, this song beautifully captures the invincible feeling of falling in love. In a heartwarming gesture, Hojean received flowers from a devoted fan, expressing his gratitude by promising to perform two additional songs as a tribute to this thoughtful gesture.

Introducing a new song called “Easily,” Hojean invited the audience to join him during the chorus. This particular track showcased a different musical direction for Hojean, almost bordering on a hip-hop sound, providing a glimpse into his evolving artistic journey. The concert appeared to conclude with “200 Miles.” However, due to the overwhelming demand for an encore, Hojean wrapped up the night with his track titled “9 to 5,” emphasising his dedication to giving his all for the fans in Bangkok, even if it meant risking his voice for his upcoming concert in Singapore.

Despite the occasional technical issues, Hojean’s professionalism and commitment shone through, enhancing our concert experience. Throughout it all, his stage presence and appreciation for his fans made for a genuinely sincere performance.

As the audience left the venue, filled with a sense of satisfaction, we were grateful for a night of music that showcased Hojean’s undeniable talent and his unwavering commitment to going the extra mile.

Show reported by : Suzanne Johnston