INTERVIEW – Behind the Cheat Codes of ‘Hellraisers, Part 2’

Multi-platinum hit-making trio Cheat Codes have released HELLRAISERS, Part 2 – the second of their 3-parter album. We asked the band to tell us more about this latest masterpiece and what else they have in store for their listeners.

From the banging alt-pop vibes of ‘Hurricane’ to the pop-infused colours of ‘Ghost Story’ and even to the hip-hop dynamics of ‘Horror Movie’, each track in this album looks to overlap each other slightly in terms of genre, making it an exciting experience for the listener.

Says the band,

Ever since we started Cheat Codes we’ve hated the idea of being kept in a box of one genre. We’ve always wanted to be able to experiment, push the envelope, and blur the lines between different types of music. With part two of the album, we want to try something new that has never been done before. Something that brings us all the way back to where it all started for us as kids. POP PUNK. For us, there is nothing more nostalgic. We had such a blast making this music and it’s been absolutely insane being able to work with some of the artists/bands we grew up listening to.

The album itself has three parts – each part has a distinct sound influenced by each member. This first part is focused on Trevor’s pop-leaning sound, while the second part is focused on KEVI’s hip-hop flavor, and the third part will be focused on Matthew’s dance- influenced sound.

Simultaneously trafficking in electronic, pop, hip-hop, and alternative at the same high speed, the Los Angeles trio Cheat Codes remains an inescapable force throughout popular culture.

We spoke to the band to find out more about their newest release.

AL365: Hi Cheat Codes, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with us. Firstly congrats on the release of your single ‘Hurricane’ and of course, Hellraisers, Part 2! What was it like collaborating with Tyson and Grey on the former?

Cheat Codes: This is the last single we are releasing before Hellraisers Part 2 comes – we knew it would be tough to follow up our collabs Travis and All Time Low, but we feel like we raised the bar here. We grew up listening to Tyson and All-American Rejects so having him on our record is a huge honor. Grey has always set the standard for the highest level of production so it’s been great to work with the guys.

AL365: What about the new album Hellraisers Part 2. What can you share with us about this record, in terms of collaborators, its compilation, the recording process and how it all came together sonically?

Cheat Codes: We decided to channel our inner punk pop for this body of work and go back to our roots as musicians. We grew up listening and learning how to play this music so it’s a nostalgic moment to review the sound and collaborate with our childhood favorites.

AL365: After years of singles and EPs, what made you guys decide to release a debut album this year, and why in three parts?

Cheat Codes: When we started the process of creating the album we ended up with so many amazing ideas that touched on all genres and sounds – we couldn’t think of just choosing 12 songs to put on one album so we decided to create a body of work that symbolizes all three identities in Cheat Codes and highlights our history.

AL365: We’re hearing a lot of banging stuff on the forthcoming album and we’re absolutely loving the collaborations with All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, Travis Barker of Blink-182 and even Swedish singer Tove Styrke. Is there one particular song on Hellraisers Part 2 that you were particularly excited for everyone to hear?

Cheat Codes: We love ‘Ghost Story’ with All Time Low – that song is one of our favorites!  All Time Low has been a dream collaboration for a long time.

AL365: Tell us more about yourself – what sort of music did you guys grow up listening to and do you feel their style, influencing the way you craft your sounds as a trio?

Cheat Codes: Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Blink-182 were some of our first concerts and even some of the music we used to cover when growing up and forming our first garage bands – it is surreal to collaborate with these artists.

AL365: What is the recording process like for a song, and as creators, what aspect of the ever-changing music technology and accessibility of it do you love and/or hate?

Cheat Codes: The recording process is constantly changing but its very easy to connect with collaborators as social media has flattened the world and technology has gotten to the point where artists can just create in their rooms – with Oli of Bring Me The Horizon we were able to connect with him directly and just send the idea over Instagram DM.

AL365: You’ve collaborated with so many fellow music artists such as the likes of Demi Lovato, Bring Me The Horizon, Travis Barker, Liam Payne, Little Mix, Wiz Khalifa and more. Is there someone that you’ve not collaborated with before, but that you would love to one day?

Cheat Codes: We would love to do a song with Justice and Charlie Puth.

AL365: How do you feel Cheat Codes have evolved over the years and what can listeners look forward to in the years to come?

Cheat Codes: Get ready for some DANCE music! 🙂

AL365: Is there anything that you would like to share or say to your fans out there?

Cheat Codes: We appreciate every single one of you showing all the love and support for us everyday – without you these dreams would not be possible and with that we could not be more grateful.

AL365: Thanks again guys!

Listen to their exciting new album below. The pop-rock hip-hop album includes songs with Travis Barker, Tyson Ritter, Bring me the Horizon, All Time Low, All-American Rejects, Blackbear and Trippie Redd.





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