Aminé unveils energetic single and music video for ‘Charmander’

Acclaimed American rapper Aminé returns with a bubbly and energetic song titled ‘Charmander’.

‘Charmander’, Aminé’s latest single, features a bubbly beat with tongue in cheek lyrics about reclusion and introspection.

The music video, co-directed by Aminé and Jack Begert, sees the American rapper living the simple life with his partner in a cabin in the Oregon wilderness.

It is the first new track released by the artist this year following last year’s critically-acclaimed album Limbo.

Aminé comments,

“After the release of Limbo I took some time to experiment and challenge myself to create in ways I hadn’t before — exploring different textures and tempos without any expectations. ‘Charmander’ was the first product of that period that felt natural while still being at a completely different BPM than any of my previous work.”

Aminé is best known for his 2017 quintuple-platinum single, ‘Caroline’, as well as his 2020 album Limbo which debuted as one of the Billboard’s Top 10 Hip Hop Albums chart.

He recently made his acting debut on the HBO show Insecure.





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