INTERVIEW: Kicking ourselves in anticipation for Foxes’ upcoming new album

Earlier this year, English singer Foxes released her Friends in the Corner EP, signaling an end to her four year hiatus from music. Now, she’s preparing to release a new full-length record with her upcoming third album The Kick.

We interview the talented songwriter on her latest chapter of her career.

Louisa Rose Allen, best known as the magnificent singer Foxes, is ready to return with all-new music in the form of her forthcoming third album The Kick.

Last month, the talented artist has shared the album’s first single and music video titled ‘Sister Ray’, an infectious dance-pop gem that will kick yourself off dancing to the high energy beat.

We sat down for a chat with the pop star on her return to the music industry and what to expect when the album arrives on February 11, 2022 via [PIAS] Recordings.

AsiaLive365: Hi Louisa, how are you?

Foxes: Hi! I’m very well, thank you.

AL365: How has this year been like for you?

Foxes: Well I guess we’ve got a bit more freedom now here in London, so things have changed quite a lot. I can see my family and friends again which is really nice. And I’ve actually been to recording studios It’s made me feel really grateful actually, for human contact.

AL365: You’ve been away from music for four years, and now you are prepping up the release of your new album! How does it feel to be back on the release radar?

Foxes: It feels amazing. I was doing a lot of songwriting in those four years, it was almost like I went into hibernation and to realign different things behind the scenes. It’s so great to be back, I get to choose who’s in my creative team. I just feel really grateful to just be able to put music out and to have people still listening, to be honest.

AL365: Yes, we’re welcome to have you back.

Foxes: Thank you!

AL365: Was there a moment that made you go, ‘This is why I need to be back releasing music.’ Was it because of the pandemic?

Foxes: It was a lot more than just that. I think music is something that’s always gotten me out of a rut in my life. Whenever I was feeling down or unmotivated, music really helps me break out of that. I think instinctively it’s always just something that I know I need to be doing.

The pandemic was also a very eye opening experience in terms of realising that connecting is so important. I just miss being able to see people, and it is incredibly isolating for a lot of people. It did make me go to music because it always steered me in the right direction. It definitely brought out a lot of creativity within me.

AL365: You’re ready to craft your third album called The Kick. What are we kicking ourselves for?

Foxes: Yeah, I like that. It’s actually, in a sense, about that.

You know in my head it’s about kicking down barriers in your life. Kicking down fear and the walls around you that enables you to move forward in your life.

Something I’ve been trying to do is to grow this ‘inner kick’ within myself that can give me this inner strength that I can use in my life to push myself into things that I might be fearful of or make me uncomfortable but are essentially good for me. That’s what the record is about, it’s like kicking yourself into the future. I think a lot of the record has that energy rooted within it.

AL365: Kicking off the album is your first new single, ‘Sister Ray’. Tell us more about the song. What is it about the track that encapsulates what we can expect from The Kick?

Foxes: I think it was one of the first songs I’d written in lockdown. I think it was like 3 months into us just feeling very trapped in our own houses. I certainly felt very much like I had a lot of energy that I needed to use up.

I remember the feeling I was mostly dancing inside, and I just wanted to get it out. So I just started writing on my iPhone and singing these melodies, and ‘Sister Ray’ was created from that.

I guess ‘Sister Ray’ the character is based on a very, very special friend of mine that I used to go out and have these very wild, very adventurous nights with. It’s about putting her spirit into this song. Every time I hear this song, I feel like she’s bringing that euphoric energy out in me. I guess that was the goal.

AL365: It’s a brilliant song. I think this energy that you wanted to unleash can be felt in the music video that you’ve put out.

Were there any leftover songs from your Friends in the Corner EP that was released earlier this year? I know there were several things you’ve tackled on with songs from that EP.

For example, ‘Woman’ gives empowerment to women who are in need of a voice, ‘Friends in the Corner’ is an appreciation for the close friends around you, and ‘Kathleen’ is a tribute to your grandmother. Will there be similar themes we can expect?

Foxes: Technically, it’s all new music. I think in terms of themes, there’s definitely things that I’m touching that have a more personal message. I think it’s funny, I usually write the title first, and then I go from there. That’s the root of the song, and I’ll kind of spread out and write the whole song around the title. It’d be really good if I could talk about the titles, but I can’t (laughs).

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I do think this record is more about personal growth. I think the EP did touch on things that were outside of my control in a way. I think this record just feels like me trying to progress and give a message to others and myself about things that we can change. I think there’s similar themes in my music so I think people will definitely get the same kind of messages.

AL365: We’re surrounded by the pandemic right now, but has this album changed the way you approach songwriting?

Foxes: It really has.

For one, I never had to write songs on Zoom or through the Internet ever before. It wasn’t something that I felt was possible and it’s really opened up my world musically because I can connect with so many people across the world like we are now. That’s kind of amazing.

It’s made me realise I can write music day and night because I can literally talk to someone on the other side of the world in the middle of the night on Zoom and we can do a session. I haven’t really stopped writing, so that’s been really fun.

AL365: Has it been challenging at times?

Foxes: I think at the start when we were told to stay in our homes, that sudden isolated fear that you are on your own and you can’t leave, that was scary.

At the same time, it made me creatively go to a different place in my mind, and it brought out things that wouldn’t have come out if the world was normal. It was challenging to overcome fears of being alone.

AL365: Well things are coming back to normal, so fingers crossed you’ll be able to tour again. What’s next for you?

Foxes: Touring would be incredible, I think that’s one of the most magical things you can imagine. Being in a room with people, dancing and connecting. I just can’t wait to create live shows again, it’s been a while.

I’ve got quite a few singles coming out, and an album. I would absolutely love to travel around the world and get my music out there to as many people as possible. Hopefully now the world’s open.

AL365: What would you like to say to your fans who have shown undying support all these years?

Foxes: Like always, I can’t ever put it into words because there’s just such an incredible love there. I’m so grateful for the people that have listened to my music for as long as they have and have stuck by me.

It’s the only reason I can keep going because I feel an incredible amount of support from such loyal fans that have told me all these stories about how they’ve grown up with my music. I’ve grown up with them too, so I just want to say thank you so much and I love you very much!

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