Nahko And Medicine For The People have released their new album ‘Take Your Power Back’

Out on May 15 via Medicine Tribe/ SideOneDummy Records, the expansive 18-track manifesto addresses the spiritual, physical and emotional evolution that comes from learning to love yourself.

Executive produced by cut&dry and Dan Fratoni, Take Your Power Back sees Nahko venturing into new musical territories by fusing conscious lyricism with genre-bending production.

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Says Nahko:

“This album was birthed by a rude awakening. Amidst a series of sudden harsh changes, I found myself embarking on a quest for help with a fierce desire to heal, and writing these songs was my therapy. They’re deeply personal; the most I’ve shared about my personal journey of self love to date, and, true to my nature, there is joyous victory that blankets the most painful topics. ‘Take Your Power Back’ is a mindset and mantra. It means being accountable, acknowledging traumas, and doing the hard vulnerable work of confronting the shadows. I am reclaiming my voice, my boundaries, and my medicine.”

Take Your Power Back offers a message of hope and healing that resonates even more deeply in 2020. Throughout the album, Nahko faces the challenges that come from self-forgiveness, using music as a balm for healing. Early single ‘Twisted’ celebrates the courage it takes to prioritize self-love, and ‘Part Problem’ is an ode to owning our responsibilities for the paths we choose in life.

The album’s lead single ‘Lifeguard’ is currently in the Top 40 on the AAA chart.

Nahko has been hosting conversations with friends and collaborators on his weekly live-streamed Instagram show ‘Medicine Tribe Television (MTTV) Presents: Real Medicine’. Guests have included Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers, Marianne Williamson, and more. Tune in every Wednesday and Friday at 6AM (GMT+8) here.





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