Based in Australia, Indonesian singer-songwriter Rama recently released his new EP Here It Goes… last month. The EP comprises five songs which tell of love, self-reflection and discovery – and are as honest as they come, both lyrically and palette-wise. Sonically, we have the catching and vibe-y ‘Better on You’, as well as the enchanting ‘How Are You, Home?’ with its undulating textures.

We spoke to Rama to ask him about his music and his talent as a singer-songwriter.

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AL365: Hi Rama, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Congrats on your new EP Here It Goes… How does it feel to know that it is finally out there in the world?

Rama: Hi Vanessa, thanks for having me with AsiaLive365! I’m feeling super great and grateful that my songs have been out there wandering the world.

AL365: What was the production and recording process like for the EP? We heard that there were long-distance Zoom calls from Jakarta and Perth involved.

Rama: Yes, so all the production process was done in 2 different countries – Indonesia and Australia. Me and Yowha (@yow.ha) started working on this since July 2020. We then collaborated with one of our musician friends, Kevin Ruenda (@kevinruenda), arranging the music and put all the instruments in. Kevin, Yowha, and also Ivan Gojaya (@ivaniponk), the mixing Engineer, are based in Jakarta, while I am currently in Perth, Australia. As much as it was fun, there was this struggle since we had to communicate and record everything through online. Thank goodness for technology for any of this to even happen!

AL365: There’s a lot of personality and honest moments in all your five songs for the new EP. We are also loving the vibes…. What was your EP (and songs) inspired by?

Rama: This EP is based on my personal life-journey. So yes, it is very honest. I compiled these 5 songs starting from a song that tells a story of falling in love at the wrong time and with the wrong person, to songs that are mostly about how to know yourself and how to prepare ourselves to become stronger in facing the world.

AL365: Tell us more about yourself as a music artist. What sort of music do you listen to or what bands/solo artists inspire you?

Rama: I enjoy mostly all kinds of genres depending on my mood, but mainly Modern Pop & Easy-Listening R&B. I listen to Troye Sivan, Charlie Puth, NIKI, and K-R&B songs a lot.

AL365: When was the moment that you decided to become a singer-songwriter?

Rama: Since I was in high school I really wanted to become a singer. I’ve just been going with the flow until I was asked for a duet project with Melly Goeslaw in 2018 for a movie soundtrack. That was the time I realized “the time is now”.

AL365: In your music journey, what has been your most treasured accomplishment to date?

Rama: Releasing this EP. I just feel very satisfied that I can finally pour my idealism and honesty in the music through this EP.

AL365: How about any hurdles? What was the most difficult (or trying) moment that you would say you faced as a solo artist and how did you overcome it?

Rama: It is sometimes challenging to be balanced being an artist, as well as being a manager for myself as well. I’m an independent artist who wears many hats from thinking about the creative, to composing, designing, directing music videos, to the distribution and promotion process. So far it’s been quite a nice learning curve and it’s been good because I enjoy all the process so much. When it gets too overwhelming, I just relax and take a break.

AL365: Being based in Australia, how would you say the music industry (and its audience) differ from, say…in Indonesia?

Rama: I am still exploring the Australian music industry and its audience at the moment, because I’m still pretty new here as a musician. So far I’m just excited every time I get a chance to gain a new network over here, people are super chill and friendly.

AL365: Any advice for folks trying their hands out at music and this journey?

Rama: Don’t think too much, just create and just get started. You won’t know what the future brings if you don’t start.

AL365: We heard that you’ve collaborated and worked with many creatives including Alika Islamadina for Fling or Feeling. What artist in South East Asia do you hope to work with in the future?

Rama: Well.. I really want to work with NIKI. She’s such an inspiration, and both of us are from Indonesia. Let’s hope and see what the future brings! 🙂

AL365: Besides the new EP, what’s next for you in the pipeline?

Rama: I’ll keep making music, that’s for sure. There might also be some collaborations, but it’s too soon to tell.

AL365: Thanks again Rama. We look forward to hearing more stuff from you soon! Hopefully in the sunny shores of Singapore!

Rama: Thank you!! Hope to see you all in person soon in Singapore!