INTERVIEW: “It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Good intentions are powerful.” – Gavin Haley

We interviewed singer-songwriter Gavin Haley to ask him about his latest singles, collaborations, music journey, and more.

Singer-songwriter Gavin Haley has fashioned an irresistible alternative pop sound with a hip-hop undercurrent offset by acoustic guitar and confessional lyrics. 

Known for popular hits such as ‘The Way I Am’ featuring Ella Vos, which has racked over 18 million streams on Spotify while ‘Jet Lag’ is almost at the 9 million mark, Gavin has evolved more than ever this year, releasing a slew of new music.  

One of his latest singles 2FU gave birth to its own #2FUchallenge on Tik Tok with over 900k views. Other hits include ‘Tati’ (a collaboration with unshakable and undeniable Yung Pitch and Travis Barker), ‘idk where i’m at rn’, ‘Be There for You’, ‘So Sick of Love’, and of course a re-release of his earlier hit ‘The Way I Am’, this time featuring Korean R&B music artist – SOLE.

With a new EP on the way, we ask the talented singer more about his music and his journey so far.

AL365: Hi Gavin, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Congrats on all your new singles this year. Which one do you reckon has been the most favourite one to record?

Gavin: hey :))

Be There For You probably … It was with my roommate and it just came together so easy.

AL365: Your latest track saw you re-releasing your hit ‘The Way I Am’ as a special collaboration with SOLE. What was it like working with her on this piece and what made you decide to work with her?

Gavin: First off, her voice is incredible. So talented and on top of that she’s really a kind human. Happy that we could collaborate.

AL365: You’ve also worked with the likes of Yung Pitch, Travis Barker, Mokita. Are there any artists that you like to team up with, that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

Gavin: Many. Top of my list right now would be James Taylor, Frank Ocean, Coldplay and Jorja Smith

AL365: One of your singles this year, ‘2FU’ created an entire #2FUchallenge on TikTok. Have you seen any of these videos? What do you think of them?

Gavin: Hahaha, I’ve seen a few of them. Fun and creative. Love to see it!

AL365: What sort of music did you grow up listening to – and how do you feel it has strengthened you as a musician? For instance, when did you decide that you wanted to become a music artist and do you see these earlier influences in some of your songs now?

Gavin: I grew up in the church and from 0 to about 15, I only listened to pretty much christian music. When I got my first ipod I went deep into hip hop and alternative stuff. J Cole, Drake, Eminem, Coldplay, The Fray, Tracy Chapman…stuff like that. It’s kinda mixed into this sound that doesn’t stay in one place and I’m loving the journey and growth.

AL365: We’ve seen how music can be a form of energy and solace for many – for the musicians who make them, and for the listeners who listen to them. What song in your repertoire has been the most cathartic for you?

Gavin: My entire Half Evil Tape was the best therapy for me.

AL365: We noticed a lot of avocados in your socials – why do you love avocados so much?

Gavin: Because good fats are important for your brain.

AL365: What do you miss most about live shows?

Gavin: Sharing the same energy in a room. There’s something special about live music & being together. Nothing can replicate that feeling for me. It’s another level of connection. I miss it so much.

AL365: Your new EP Unfolding will be out November 13 – is there anything that you can share with us about that?

Gavin: On this project…each song is individual growing pains. All different stories from different times that have shaped who I am becoming

AL365: Is there anything you like to add for your fans out there?

Gavin: It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Good intentions are powerful.

AL365: Thanks again Gavin and we look forward to the release of your EP!





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