An interview with one of Wales’ ethereal talents – Novo Amor.

Ali Lacey tells AsiaLive365 about the inspiration and colours behind the music that he will be bringing to Asia in March!

Welsh singer-songwriter Novo Amor (aka Ali Lacey) will be heading to Asia in March for a series of performances in the region which include Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan and China.
The 28-year-old will bring his delicate vocals and airy falsetto, serenading us into sublime solace with songs from both his ‘Woodgate, NY’ and ‘Bathing Beach’ EPs as well as his debut solo album – ‘Birthplace’.
Ahead of his tour, we at AsiaLive365 had the opportunity to ask the talented singer on the magic of his iridescent songs.

ASL365: Hi Ali, Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year! Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Firstly, welcome to Asia and to Singapore! We hope that you’ll have very fond memories of your time here. 

ASL365:  Is it your first time to the region? If so, Singapore being a food paradise and melting pot of cultures – is there any particular dish you plan to try or places you’ll love to see while you’re here?

Ali (Novo Amor): I’ve actually visited before, just for two days on my way back from a Jakarta show. It’s a beautiful city. I went to a massive food market, which I forget the name of, but had an amazing time in this melting pot of cultures. I’d like to visit the cloud forest and climb the super trees!

ASL365: The layers in your songs are iridescently gorgeous – embodying a cross between the wisps of flowing tunes like sunlight at dawn and the vast depth of an ocean. Personally, I have so many favourites like ‘Carry You’, ‘Seneca’ and ‘Emigrate’ which speaks to my soul but am particularly likened with ‘Embody Me’. If you could pick a favourite song from your EP or album (for instance, a song to introduce a new listener to), what would it be and why?

Ali: Thank you. I’d choose ‘State Lines’. It’s my favourite track from my last album. I think it contains a lot of what Novo Amor is about, sonically and emotionally. The song transitions seamlessly from an instrumental track on the album, giving it the intro of the song an extended moment of calm.

ASL365: There is an exquisite coldness to the songs in your ‘Bathing Beach’ EP – which reminds me a lot of my time spent in the UK, particularly of Cardiff, Northern England, even Scotland. Mostly places with bodies of water. Was ‘Bathing Beach’ inspired by similar visuals or experiences of home?

Ali: My three releases – ’Bathing Beach’, ‘Woodgate, NY’ and ‘Birthplace’ – are all, in some ways, inspired by the same place; a lakeside camp in upstate New York. Bathing Beach is the name of the beach there. It’s a place where I lived and worked for seven weeks over the summer of 2011. A lot of the visual inspiration of my music comes from the calm and serenity that this place holds for me. I also grew up deep in the Welsh countryside, where I’ve always been surrounded by nature. I think it all feeds into the type of music I make.
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ASL365: We at AsiaLive365 are also loving the ambient viscosity, changes in textures and key of ‘Anniversary’ from your ‘Birthplace’ debut album. Tell us more about this piece and the story behind it.

Ali: I daydream a lot. I was always staring out the window in school, not listening to the teacher. I think I was just thinking about things I’d rather be doing, places I’d rather be, or just having more fun in my own head than in the classroom. In short, the song is about wanting a do-over; that feeling of romanticising the idea that your life could have gone in a different direction, or reminiscing on significant times of your life that are now gone forever.

ASL365: What is your take on the current music industry (eg; the rise/popularity of indie artists especially among the Gen Y youth). Where do you see your place in all this? For instance, has there been a paradigm shift from when you first started back in 2012 to when your first EP was released in 2014, to now – five years later. And where do you see yourself five years from now?

Ali: This answer needs a long conversation to cover it, which I can’t get into over a paragraph or two. The last five years have been a surprise for me and I’m sure the next five will be too.

ASL365: If you could invite any five people to dinner to have an in-depth philosophical music chat with (to pick their brains so to speak), who would they be and why?

Ali: David Bowie, Imogen Heap, Tom Petty, Annie Clark and Dr Dre. I’d be super interested in what they had to say on many topics. I’m sure there are some others I’d rather have, but it’s not something I’ve thought about before!

ASL365: Who is on your playlist right now?

Ali: Hailaker, Caroline Polachek, Andy Shauf and many many more.

ASL365: Is there anything you like to say to your fans in Asia right now? What can we expect to hear, feel and see at any one of your gigs in Asia in March?

Ali: Thank you!! So much. Being able to bring my music over to Asia is a dream, and I couldn’t do it without the demand that you’ve created. I’m incredibly excited to immerse myself in Asian culture and meet so many of you. Expect a friendly atmosphere.
Once again, thank you Ali Lacey! 
Novo Amor will play at the Esplanade Annexe Studio in Singapore on 5th and 6th March 2020. Tickets are priced at $65 via SISTIC.
This event is presented by Esplanade Singapore as part of Esplanade’s Mosaic Music Series.
From Singapore on March 6, Lacey will continue his tour to other cities within Asia which include Manila, Taipei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shanghai.
Full ticketing details and tour dates below:
5 Mar – Esplanade Annexe Studio – Singapore 
6 Mar – Esplanade Annexe Studio – Singapore
8 Mar – Wanderland Music & Arts Festival – Manila
11 Mar –The Wall – Taipei 
13 Mar – B10 Livehouse – Shenzhen 
14 Mar – Mao Livehouse – Guangzhou
15 Mar – Tango Live House – Beijing 
18 Mar – Yue Space – Chengdu
20 Mar – Mao Livehouse – Hangzhou
21 Mar – Modernsky Lab – Shanghai
Novo Amor – “State Lines” 

Novo Amor – “Embody Me”

Novo Amor – “Sleepless”

[Updated]: Novo Amor’s shows on March 5 and 6 have been postponed. The artist will now play at the Esplanade on 28-29 July 2020.

His statement below:
“I’m really sorry to announce I’ve had to postpone or cancel my Asia-Pacific shows, due to the health situation in China. The rescheduled shows (Singapore and China) are on my website now. We’re trying hard to reschedule Taipei, but since Manila was a festival (Wanderland), we’re no longer able to attend. We’re looking at future options there.  
Again, my apologies. I know some of you were travelling from a distance for these, and we were really looking forward to them.” 
26 July – Taipei
28 July – Singapore
29 July – Singapore
01 August – Shenzhen
02 August – Guangzhou
04 August – Chengdu
07 August – Hangzhou
08 August  – Shanghai
09 August- Beijing
For more information visit Novo Amor
Tickets for the Singapore show via SISTIC 





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