INTERVIEW: The ‘Two Sided’ creative force of Jerome and FLUXUS

We interviewed Italian artists FLUXUS and Jerome on their collaborative pop single ‘Two Sided’.

Released last month via Hoop Records, ‘Two Sided’ continues the longstanding collaboration between musician Jerome and producer FLUXUS.

The track oozes a nostalgic R&B track that could have been heard during the late 90’s and early 2000’s with its heartfelt lyricism, catchy rhythm, melodic chord progression, and warm vocals from singer Darren Fewins.

The single follows the two Italian artists previous collabs including last year’s ‘The Way Out’ and 2019’s ‘Fallout’.

We caught up with the creative force to hear them talk about the energetic and happy pop track.

AsiaLive365: Hi Jerome and FLUXUS, how are you guys amid the COVID pandemic?

We never stopped working, from collaborations to teaching. We really did a great job, each of us on his own, and of course, we collaborated on ‘Two Sided’ during this period.

AL365: You guys have been releasing music as early as 2019 but the music you have been putting out sounds like you’ve had some experience prior to that. How long have you guys worked in the music industry?

Jerome: For EDM, I’ve been at it since 2012, but I’ve been using my artist name Jerome since 2017.

FLUXUS : I’ve been into EDM since 2010 but my path is a bit different. I’ve always liked to produce electronic and dance music, but I’m also open to other genres. This is one example.

AL365: Prior to ‘Two Sided’, this hasn’t been the first time you guys have joined your creative forces together. Tell me how you guys teamed-up the first time.

Jerome: We met in 2018 in Milan. FLUXUS asked me to edit his song, a future bass song, and we released it on Trapparty.

Then we composed a new song last year called ‘The Way Out’ released with Hoop Records, and then here we are!

AL365: I’ve listened to your latest collaboration track, ‘Two Sided’. Quite upbeat! It reminds me of a pop/R&B song from the late 90s to early 2000s with modern sensibilities. How did this heartbreaking tune come into fruition?

FLUXUS: Thank you! It started with a chord progression that Jerome had in mind, and when we were in the studio, we tried the 6/8 tempo instead of 4/4. The result was that the song sounded smooth, and yes, it reminded a kind of R&B style but in a different way.

Once we realized that it worked, then we finished it.

AL365: Do the lyrics come from personal experiences? How do you guys come up with the lyrics to your songs?

You know, Darren was amazing, he wrote the best lyrics for this song. He was into this R&B mood we’re talking about before, and we really liked his contribution to the song.

AL365: You’ve tapped into the vocal talents of Darren Fewins who couldn’t be more perfect to fit for the song. Did it take long to find the right vocals for the track?

As I said before, he was amazing! And really fast, just one week and the full vocals were ready. It seemed like he already knew how to sing it. We contacted him directly, we went straightly ‘cause we thought his vocal suited perfectly, and we were right.

AL365: Since ‘Two Sided’, what have you guys been working on?

We have separated projects, but we’re working on a new song really strong that we can’t wait to finish.

AL365: What are your goals for the rest of 2021?

We can’t make predictions since Covid situation didn’t end, but we have great upcoming news, so we can talk next time.

Thank you for the interview!





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