Like a diamond in the rough or a precious stone being polished, music starlet Rosie Darling has brought us a gem of a song in ‘Coping’.

Released in early November, fresh-eyed music artist Rosie Darling entered the indie-pop scene with her debut single ‘Coping’. The song has since charted on 11 different Spotify Viral 50 charts (including India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan), went to the Top 20 on the Global Viral Chart as well as had close to 3 millions streams to date.

An acoustic version of the song was released in December and it is doing well too.

Co-written with Justin Gammella (Lennon Stella, Ashe, Blake Rose), produced by Andy Seltzer (Chelsea Cutler, Shallou, Joan), mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay, Florence and the Machine, Vance Joy), and mastered by Joe Laporta (Halsey, JP Saxe, Gracie Abrams), “Coping” is indeed one of those song gems that turns pain into beauty.

We asked the talented artist more about her song, musical aspirations and influences.

AL365: Hi Rosie, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. Congrats on the new single ‘Coping’. It’s such a strong and emotionally beautiful piece. What is the story behind it, if I may ask?

Rosie: Hi Vanessa! Thank you for the kind words! I am really proud of this song because it marks a time in my life where I was preparing to end a relationship and this song represents how I imagined the “coping” process would look like after. It really helped me process the break up before it actually happened and I am so happy that it is resonating across the world with so many people going through similar changes.

AL365: The song has become a viral hit. It’s huge in Asia as well! What was it like when you found out how big ‘Coping’ had got?

Rosie: SO EXCITING! I always knew this song was special and that it would find its audience, but to see how much it has grown especially on all different platforms has been really rewarding! 

AL365: You’re an amazing storyteller. I love the lyricism in your latest single and the undulating currents that come forth. Lyrically, you’ve described the song beautifully. Now if you could describe the song in a colour – what would it be?

Rosie: As for the colors I think the cover art does a great job at portraying what I felt in terms of emotions and colors. I love the beach and the stillness of it with the softer tones, but the colors splotches behind the sketch are sort of dreamy and nostalgic which is a very important emotion in the song.

AL365: Speaking of favourite artists, you started learning the guitar when you were 12. What sort of songs did you grow up listening and playing to at that time? For instance, who would you say was your biggest influence?

Rosie: Definitely Taylor Swift! I saw her on tv and was so interested in her and I sort of followed her career over the years. I cried the first time I saw her in concert! But i really appreciated her more acoustic songs and how you could tell she was writing about personal experiences. The production in her songs never overtook her voice which is important and her story-telling remained the focus of each song.

AL365: Do you hear her influence in your songs now?

Rosie: Yeah! Definitely in the type of writer I am, but I think I’ve also developed my own sound within that. She inspired me to learn guitar and some piano so that I could write songs on my own and from there my lyrics sort of took on their own life.

AL365: You mentioned that you find the studio your safe place. What do you most enjoy about the recording process and being in a music studio?

Rosie: I like that you can usually be as emotional as you want and it benefits the song! You can also play and experiment with different runs and vocal ideas that could always make the song even better. So it’s exciting to have a great song to start with, but then to make it even more of your own is where the fun happens.

AL365: What made you decide to pursue music more seriously?

Rosie: In college I released my song called “L.A” with very little outside support and it did pretty well on its own. This song motivated me to keep following up with better songs and allowed me to build off of it while developing my sound.

AL365: Looking back on your growth from ‘L.A.’ to ‘Coping’, how do you see your musical journey transcending and what’s next for you in 2021?

Rosie: I see A LOT of music and a lot more visual pieces to really portray the story of my songs. I am now at a point where a lot of the music is done for 2021, so focusing on the creative behind all of it is the next step and probably the most fun.

AL365: Thanks again Rosie! We certainly look forward to hearing more songs from you! Happy Holidays and Be Safe!