Isak Danielson releases stirring ballad ‘Let Somebody Go’

‘Let Somebody Go’ is the third single from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming fourth album, King of a Tragedy, out on April 8.

Isak Danielson’s latest single tells the tender story about moving on. He comments,

“Love is supposed to be a fun and simple thing, but yet it can also be the worst thing you’ve experienced. ‘Let Somebody Go’ is about moving on after love, and learning to to deal with the heartbreak of letting someone you loved go.”

It is the third single from his upcoming fourth album, King of a Tragedy, following previously released tracks ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ and the title track.

He shares,

“It is about self-love and confidence. I’ve realised I have this need to be loved, and to want people to see me, and to stand on the stage, and have people adore me. There is a little bit of that cockiness. I’m kind of full of myself. But it’s fun.”

Isak’s musings on what he wants to achieve provided the album’s title.

“I think when you actually have success, you won’t be as happy as you think you will be. That made me think about the theme of the album, and what I want King Of A Tragedy to mean. I came up with the idea that the journey is the goal, the endeavour is the purpose, and success is tragedy.”

Last year, Isak dropped his third LP, Tomorrow Never Came.

Listen to the album via Spotify below.

Photo Credit: Johanna Pettersson





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