Jungle unveils highly-anticipated album ‘Loving In Stereo’

Dance music duo Jungle’s eagerly anticipated third album, ‘Loving In Stereo’ has arrived. The pair have also shared the music video for ‘All of the Time’.

‘Loving In Stereo’, the third sonic offering by Jungle, is described as a “dynamic disco record with a dancefloor-igniting celebration of all the things that make music irresistibly fun”.

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They comment,

“We learned to capture the energy of the moment as best as possible without overthinking it. We also realised that our previous albums had a laidback swagger and had never pushed the tempo beyond 120bpm, so this whole level of energy was missing, like we had had a glass ceiling over the project. Our main goal was to let go of perfection and embrace how energetic and real our music could be.”

To keep up with the momentum of their most ambitious record yet, the dance duo have also shared their new music video for ‘All of the Time’.

The energetic tune features an elaborate dance choreography much like their previously released singles ‘Truth’, ‘Keep Moving’ and ‘Talk About It’.

All of the music videos in the album are directed by JFC Productions, forming a consistent visual aesthetic full of physicality and liveliness that guarantees fans will be joining in on the fun.


The videos have become an essential part of Jungle’s distinctive style, enthralling fans both new and old.

The album values experimentation of sounds from the use of a choir in ‘Keep Moving’ to the Motorik rhythm and punk-infused sound found in ‘Truth’.

New highlights include ‘Fire’ which features hard-hitting drum breaks before seamlessly transitioning into ‘Talk About It’, whereas ‘What D’You Know About Me?’ brings the funk with a groovy bassline and catchy vocals.

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‘Romeo’, which marks the pair’s first ever feature collaboration, is an old school hip-hop track featuring the rapper Bas.

‘Can’t Stop The Stars’ elevates the album to cinematic heights with its strings and brass paired with a message of “trying to free yourself from the unrealistic expectations we all have of ourselves and ultimately being able to live a more happy and fulfilled life as a result.

Loving In Stereo is now available across all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure.

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