Luna Sea’s Sugizo and Inoran to bring Best Bout Tour 2017 〜L2/5 to Singapore

Guitarists of legendary J-rock group Luna Sea, Sugizo and Inoran are teaming up, or rather going head-to-head, for their upcoming Best Bout Tour 2017 〜L2/5 Asia Leg in Singapore.

After the success of their joint effort, Sugizo vs Inoran presents Best Bout ~L2/5 in Japan, last year, the two rockers are expanding their tour in their home country and to the rest of Asia. Their thunderous fretboard battle is coming to Singapore on Saturday, June 24 at Zepp@Big Box.

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Tickets are now on sale through SISTIC and hotline +65 6348 5555, going at SGD98 / 168 and 188. The concert is brought to you by Asia Music Group.

sugizo vs inoran

Yūne “Sugizo” Sugihara and Kiyonobu “Inoran” Inoue are members of Luna Sea. While they had been bandmates for many years and still counting, their musical styles are very different – Sugizo prefers elegant delivery and avant-grade psychedelic rock while Inoran’s sound is crisp and meticulous, incorporating western rock and roll influences. The two have fought side by side for more over 25 years and now, for the first time, they’ll be battling before the fans on this historic tour.

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Luna Sea are considered one of the most influential rock bands in Japan and the most successful acts in the visual kei movement, specified by the artists’ use of elaborate costume, hairstyles and makeup. In 2016 the band celebrated their 25th anniversary with their own music festival and live gigs across Japan and Asia.





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