Justa Faze’s ‘Arcade Games’ EP showcases his distinctive take on future bass

Up-and-coming producer Justa Faze has released his debut EP, Arcade Games, offering five future bass jams with an experimental yet nostalgic edge.

The EP, released this past Friday (Sept. 25), expands the blossoming producer’s signature sound with each of the five tracks offering a unique take on the future bass music genre.

Listeners got to have a taste of the EP earlier this month with the release of lead single ‘Dirty Filas’, which features glitchy vocal cuts and 8-bit sounds that hearken back to arcade video games in the 80’s.

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As the title of the EP suggests, each song utilizes instrumentals that are highly reminiscent of hanging around an old-school arcade.

Thumping basslines from opening track ‘Hot Drop’ perfectly kickstarts what the nostalgia-laden EP is all about with its video-game style influences – its jagged beats and banging bass dominating throughout the record.

The EP ends with the appropriately closing track ‘Final Boss’ which begins with a calm beginning before cascading into a heavy bassline similar to how one would prepare for the epic boss fight in a video game.

Justa Faze says of the EP,

“I strive to create music that makes you feel something, whether that be excitement, sadness, vulnerability, or just flat out mystified”

Crafting future bass bangers is the name of the game for budding electronic artist Liam McKanna, better known as Justa Faze. The Las Vegas-based producer is steadily gaining a dedicated fan base on SoundCloud for his bass-heavy tracks ‘Snake’ and Radio Time Travel’.

Listen to Arcade Games via Spotify below.





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