We interviewed Singaporean hip-hop artist ShiGGa Shay and asked him more about the moments behind his latest EP – 365.

Known for his hits such as ‘Tapau’, ‘Lion City Kia’, and ‘Lim Peh’, ShiGGa Shay’s tracks have connected with listeners with its colloquial lingo and multi-lingual lyrics.

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Just last week, the talented hip-hop artist released his 365 EP and along with it, a groundbreaking real-time interactive performance – the first virtual live concert of its kind in Southeast Asia.

The two-track EP came after his album S$ which released in June this year.

Following the EP, the music artist also released his (mixed reality) music video to ‘who r u 是个谁’ – one of the two songs from this fresh new EP.

ASL365: Hi ShiGGa Shay, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Congrats on your new EP 365. Tell us more about the two songs in it.

ShiGGa Shay: The 2 songs on my EP 365 were recorded last month right after NDP. I experimented more with Chinese rap on this EP. 

ASL365: We understand the virtual experience to launch EP 365 a few days ago was also the first virtual live concert of its kind in Southeast Asia. It was superb! How did you feel that night? 😎 

ShiGGa Shay: I felt really excited for what’s to come in the future when it comes to blending technology with music. It was really hot in the full body motion capture suit, there were batteries & sensors all over the suit. With live shows still not happening,  it was really nice to have performed for a live crowd and interacting with them during the mixed reality show. 

ASL365: Were there any challenges (technical or otherwise) faced putting up that virtual experience?

ShiGGa Shay: The motion capture suit had to be flown in from Germany so that took some time. We only started preparing for it a month ago, so we could only get things done really quick by the time it arrived here. I would have to give props to the MRGE team for putting everything together in such a short period of time. 
Everything from the 3 different avatars, to the various environments were done from scratch by the team. 

ASL365: Classic hits such as ‘Lion City Kia’ and ‘Tapau’ are still gaining a lot of traction and streams. Did you know that ‘Tapau’ was even used in a huge street dance finale item at the Esplanade Theatre last year? Why do you think your songs resonate so well with both the locals (and even the non-locals)? Is it the Singlish and the Uniquely Singapore flavour?

ShiGGa Shay: Yeah I saw videos of that performance, it was amazing. Great show. I’m humbled, and very honoured to have people resonating with my songs. Having people connect with your music is one of the best gifts from making music. 

ASL365: With live performances (face-to-face performances) still on a somewhat “hiatus”, what do you miss most about having a live audience right in front of you?

ShiGGa Shay: I miss interacting with my audience on and off stage. Taking photos with the audience, looking at the different reactions they have while I’m on stage. Nothing can replace the feeling of a full fledged live performance. That feeling is priceless. 

ASL365: Speaking of live performances, what was the last live performance that you went to?

ShiGGa Shay: That would probably be NDP 2020.

ASL365: What’s next for you?

ShiGGa Shay: I’ve got some new stuff coming up that I’m excited to share with all of you. 

ASL365: Anything to like to say to your fans out there?

ShiGGa Shay: I sincerely appreciate all the support you have given me over the years. I wouldn’t have made it here without you. 

ASL365: Thanks again ShiGGa Shay and we look forward to listening to more of your hits!

ShiGGa Shay: Much love AsiaLive!!!

Cover photo by: Timothy Sim