Forbes Korea's Power Celebrity List

Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity List As K-Pop Reigns Supreme: BLACKPINK Tops List!


Let’s see who we have for this year’s Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity list!  This year, the list is a star-studded affair, packed with the biggest names in K-Pop, sports, and television.  Let’s dive into the top 10 and see who’s taking home the crown (or should we say kimchi pancake?) this year.

K-Pop Queens Slay: BLACKPINK Takes the Throne

There’s no surprise at the top of the Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity List.  The global phenomenon known as BLACKPINK reigns supreme for the first time, proving their undeniable impact on Korean culture and beyond.  Their solo ventures, sold-out world tours, and social media dominance solidify their status as true power players.

Son Heung-Min: The Footballing Icon

Following closely behind BLACKPINK is South Korean football star Son Heung-Min. This isn’t his first rodeo – he maintained his position from last year, a testament to his incredible talent and influence.  Son’s captaincy of both the Tottenham Hotspur and the South Korean National Team makes him a national hero and a true force to be reckoned with.

NewJeans: Rising Stars Make a Splash

Talk about a rookie explosion! Fresh faces NewJeans take the number 3 spot, a remarkable feat for a group who just debuted in 2022.  Their infectious hits and undeniable charisma have captured the hearts of fans worldwide, propelling them to the top of the charts and this coveted position on the Forbes list.

A Blend of Talent: From Athletes to Actresses

The remaining spots in the top 10 showcase the diverse range of Korean powerhouses.  From footballers like Kim Min-jae and singers like Lim Young-woong to actors like Lee Jung-hoo and rising K-Pop groups like IVE, the list reflects the multifaceted nature of Korean entertainment.

BTS Members Shine Brightly

It wouldn’t be a true Korean power list without BTS!  Though they didn’t snag the top spot this year, individual members Jimin and Jungkook land impressive spots at number 7 and 9, respectively.  Their solo endeavors and undeniable global influence prove that BTS remains a force to be reckoned with.

This is just a taste of the star power that shines on the 2024 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list.  From K-Pop idols to veteran actors and sporting heroes, this list celebrates the individuals who captivate audiences and shape Korean culture. So, who are your bets on the list?  Let us know in our socials below! And for all your artist information, concert and festival needs across Asia, keep an eye on Asia Live 365! We’ll update you on the latest events, hottest acts, and must-see experiences. 



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