Converge Cancels Southeast Asia Tour

Converge Cancels Southeast Asia Tour Due to Health Concerns


The mosh pits of Marikina, Manila will remain silent this May 10th. The American metallic hardcore legends Converge cancels Southeast Asia tour, which previously promised a seismic set of performances. 

The band has been forced to cancel their remaining shows due to unforeseen health concerns within the band. The announcement, made via their official Twitter account, sent shockwaves through the rest of the Southeast Asian hardcore community.

Converge’s Legacy Lingers

Converge’s influence on metallic hardcore is undeniable. Their music, a brutal blend of punishing instrumentals and frontman Jacob Bannon’s anguished vocals, has resonated with fans for over three decades. Their 2001 masterpiece, “Jane Doe,” stands as a landmark album cementing their place and legacy in the scene. With classics like “Concubine,” “Fault & Fracture,” and “The Broken Vow” becoming anthems for a generation. The prospect of witnessing them live in Southeast Asia, especially Manila, the culmination of the Southeast Asia tour, had Filipino fans buzzing with anticipation.

Health First As Converge Cancels Southeast Asia Tour

The news of the cancellation is a gut punch for all Southeast Asian Converge fans who were eagerly awaiting the chance to experience Converge’s raw energy live. The reason was that their guitarist and renowned producer and engineer Kurt Ballou had an untimely case of cellulitis on one foot back in mid-April and announced on an Instagram video that “it has been healing very very slowly”. Ballou profusely apologized to the fans and said that the band would be working with the promoters to reschedule the dates.

Southeast Asia Waits

Though disappointment hangs heavy in the air, the SEA hardcore community remains understanding. Health comes first, and the well-being of the band members is paramount. Social media is abuzz with messages of support for Converge, with fans expressing their hope for a swift recovery and a future continuation of the tour.

This may not be the explosive homecoming fans envisioned, but the spirit of hardcore thrives on resilience. The wait for Converge’s Manila debut might be extended, but the anticipation remains. When they finally do take the stage, the mosh pit will be even more intense, fueled by the pent-up aggression of this missed opportunity. Get well soon, Kurt. All of us await and will hopefully see you at the pit. 

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