KHAi unveils new single ‘Jupiter’

Following the successful release of his debut EP, Strange[r] in 2020, Singapore-based alternative-folk pop singer-songwriter KHAi has announced a brand-new single release titled, ‘Jupiter’ – a first out of a string of releases throughout this year and in line with an upcoming debut album, Navy Wishes.

The single ‘Jupiter’ is a quirky and up-tempo number, giving listeners a taste of the almost-polarizing difference in sound that KHAi has to offer. ‘Jupiter’ is the embodiment of an emotional rollercoaster, an almost unhealthy blend of impulse and obsession that comes with new found infatuation.

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KHAi explains, 

“I know I write a lot about love, but my understanding of it changes each time. I would know that I did it right when people who listen to this track feel the awkwardness and conflict that has been displayed so clearly, but are still able to bop along to it”. 

No stranger to being openly contradicting when it comes to music production decisions, ‘Jupiter’ was produced as a sad concept masked under light-hearted synths and puncturing beats, with lyrics contemplating the decision to wait for love to be reciprocated.

Being the first of many singles, ‘Jupiter’ is the pivoting point bridging KHAi’s folk songwriter roots with his recent exploration into synthesis (the art of synthesizers), apparent in the upcoming songs that are set for release together with his debut album, Navy Wishes. More information on the next few releases will be shared in the upcoming months ahead.

Cover photo: Coby Travis





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