morgxn unveils ‘MERIDIAN: vol 1’ EP featuring emotional single ‘LOSING MYSELF’

Singer-songwriter morgxn has revealed ‘MERIDIAN: vol 1’, the first of a two-part EP along with the focus single ‘Losing Myself’. An artist who makes truly vulnerable music, morgxn brings that radiant authenticity to a mesmerising selection of songs and ultimately proves that sensitivity may be a deep source of strength. 

morgxn’s previous single release, ‘PORCELAIN’, encapsulates defiant energy channelled in stomping beats and majestic chanting vocals. Fuelled with punchy pop velocity, the EP’s focus track ‘Losing Myself’ was the first song written for the MERIDIAN: vol 1 project produced and co-written with NZ trio Thom Powers (of The Naked and Famous), Chelsea Jade and Simon Oscroft. 

The song is an admission that the constant touring and pressure morgxn felt was beginning to erode their spirit. 

“Sometimes on tour people look at me like I have answers when I am just a human being fumbling through the dark.”

Coming from a particularly tumultuous time in March 2020, MERIDIAN: vol 1 is shaped by a 24 hour period where morgxn experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Within one day the world went into lockdown, and morgxn was dropped by their record label of five years, leaving them devastated.

Said morgxn,

“Music is the only way I know how to reach people, and the label was the only way I’d know how to make that happen.”

The world according to morgxn is one where traditional boundaries do not exist. 

Over the past three years, morgxn has been not-so-quietly releasing new music which culminated in a debut album, ‘vital’, and a lush, acoustic EP ‘vital : blue (s t r i p p e d)’, made festival debuts at Lollapalooza, Firefly, LaurelLive and Hangout Music Festival, toured extensively (X Ambassadors, Phoebe Ryan, Skylar Grey, miike snow, Dreamers, Robert Delong, ARIZONA) and has garnered high praise across the board. A re-recorded track of his song “home” featuring WALK THE MOON was released in 2018 and in 2019 reached Top 10 at alternative radio and adult alternative while accruing upwards of over 25 million combined global streams.

In June of 2020, morgxn released the single ‘WONDER’. The first single hit over 2.3 million streams on Spotify with continued growth, culminating in 50 MILLION global streams to date. Currently, his Top 10 countries based on streaming include: #2 Indonesia, #4 Philippines, #6 Malaysia, #8 Singapore.

The song has also gone viral on Tiktok, with over 5,000 videos using the track culminating in 25 million views across the social media app. ‘PUMP THE BREAK’, morgxn’s second single of 2020, continues the internal conversation with self-assurance and promise. In November of 2020, morgxn released a new remix EP, WONDER [reimagined], collaborating with some of his favourite artists and friends, including PVRIS, Jagwar Twin, and Smallpools to breathe new life into ‘WONDER’.

With MERIDIAN: vol 2 due out later this year, morgxn continues to contend with many of the questions they examined on the album. “There were definitely way more questions than answers in this whole process,” he notes. “But I don’t think my role here is to have all the answers. My role is to reflect what I see as true.” And by infusing so much emotional truth into their music—and avoiding the toxic positivity found in far less introspective pop—he’s created a body of work that’s undeniably uplifting. “I think there’s something powerful about realizing that you don’t have to go through things alone,” says morgxn. “Even in a year when I was more alone than ever, I ended up feeling closer to my fans and my friends and my family, because I allowed myself to sit with what I was feeling and admit it to the people I love. I was able to admit that I’m human and flawed and that I’m absolutely allowed to be. We’re all allowed to be perfectly imperfect.”

Cover photo: Emma Mead





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