The leading electronic music festival of Thailand, Kolour In The Park 2020 took place despite COVID-19 incident.

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Amidst of the heated fields, Kolour In The Park 2020 delivered an outstanding musical performance and its 5-star gourmet selection at Thai Wake Park.

What felt like a 50 degree in the middle of the dessert suddenly turned into a heated electronic festival surrounded by underground Bangkok party-goers. Dehydration finally approached as we jumped off our feet with our beers to the electronic-Afro beats at Shelter Stage. Black Coffee brought his tribal and vocal-laced beats that drove the us and the audiences insane.
Kolour In The Park
As the sunset, the cool breeze was welcomed, along with the smell of freshly oven baked crusty pizza from Pizza Massilia. So we went for it…
All the way from Chiang Mai – Eat Sense distributed a variety of vegan goodies from pasta with tomato sauce, pasta and pesto, garlic bread and more. All of these dishes didn’t fail to disappoint. Aside from the savory bites, we also tried the scrumptious and rich banana bread by the wonderful Banana Warrior. We are giving 10/10 for the effort on the food stalls this year.
The day-party proceeded as we arrived at the main stage on a full stomach accompanied by Melbourne born and bred electronic band – Running Touch. Songs like ‘Better Together’ originally featured Hayden James revealed the Aussie’s persona of a true multi-talent. The moving broken encrypted-code against the LED backdrop bode particular well with the song. The set closed with ‘Feels Like Love’, which managed to magnify the crowds from the ground while he sang to every drumbeat and jumped across the stage hyping fans up with his infectious energy.
Kolour In The Park
The nighttime started off with Manchester house DJ – Eskuche who’s previously amassed impressive selection of released on leading labels like elrow, Repopulate Mars, Relief and more. Eskuche eased us into the night with his contagious Acid house tracks. Up next was the prominent techno DJ and producers from Kiev – ARTBAT. Flashing luminous lights from the parallel beams paired with the duos heavy beats surely intoxicated crowds and us across the fields.
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Silent disco lovers were spotted just by the Singha booth. Not too far off, the water stage also gathered many disco lovers where it featured Disco pioneers from Bangkok including Mousse T, Dark White, Rabbit Disco, and Panna.
Kolour In The Park
As the end of the night approached, king of Bangkok’s underground techno house was spotted by the Main Stage. The exceptionally talented producer Mike ATMA delivered a well-worthy ending to this year’s chapter for Kolourians despite the Coronavirus outbreak.
With three top-up points all together, we expected the refund points to be at the all of the respective points. Unfortunately, there was only one. Luckily enough, 7-11 and Wonderfruit weren’t the only ones who were banning plastics. This year, Kolour In The Park was also one of them. With provided water station points available to all the party-goers for free, thankfully!
See ya next year, Kolourians! Thanks again to QC Comms. 😉






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