Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

Live review: Trent Reznor and NIN proved Bangkok rock never dies with an exquisite performance

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It was such a vivid and luscious night with all those super cool lightings and strong roars of industrial rock music. Yes, on this typical Tuesday (Aug 14), Trent Reznor together with his Nine Inch Nails bandmates showed Bangkok the real rock longevity. 

Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

Judging from the amount of packed already crowd standing two hours or so in the queue, I could say that the night was definitely for hardcore fans. I, myself, even though not that such a massive fan of the band, the atmosphere here was undeniably energised my inner-self of a rocker already. “Woah, this is going to be legit” was the widespread vibe from the crowd.

Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

The warning signs of “Be careful of Strobelight” were pinned on the tents of merchandise and the tickets booth by the gate. Therefore, it seemed like Reznor would get us shaken tonight with some of his creation or toys(?) then. Of course, it’s definitely his strobe-lit stage!

The journey started with some lit live set of industrial techno music from Bangkok’s very own talent Marmosets. The audience were irresistible to the fascinated selections of the spinner that they just got to get their boogie out for the whole act. Arms throwing up high in the air were the main vibe of the moment. 

Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

Never got his audience down, I could say that NIN slammed the door to the tranquility of Bangkok big time with their first few songs “Somewhat Damaged”, “The Day the World Went Away” and “Wish”. The show was later on filled with “Less Than” and his lovely fans just never stopped singing their lungs out loud when “March of the Pigs” and “Piggy” came on.

Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

Besides this kind of wonderful vibe that has already taken me away, I caught myself drowning into this new world of Nine Inch Nails under Renzor’s choice of stage production with this strobe light slamming and slaughtered all the sanity in the room. NIN were killing it with those pink, red, orange, blue and yellow lights. I could remember the moment when the “The Frail” was on and surrounded by the romantic vibe of the pastel lightings before the mood was cut off by the splash of green light and that’s when “Reptile” invaded the show.

Everything there was just right with Trent Renzor on the stage and these lightings thundering all over the place. Impeccable and astounding were the right words of the night.

Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

Along the whole night, despite the furious performance of this 5-piece rock jackets, they all were indeed one of the sweetest creatures as Reznor and the bandmates always found their ways to get the whole hall swarm with enjoyment— smiles, jumps, sweats and heavy headbang, as well as Reznor’s countless ‘Thank you’. What a polite man!

For highlights, I seriously don’t know which one should I delivered them to you, my readers, since everything there in that night just sent the hall to be over the moon. Well, here, imagine this, they played almost two hours non stop with their well-thought-out 21 tracks. This says a lot for the night and the fans’ reaction of never going to leave until that fluorescent lights are on.

Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

All in all, every party has an end. Nine Inch Nails kissed goodbye the crowd on this already unforgettable Tuesday night with an emotional piece “Hurt”. The song indeed brought up all the darkness and sadness reflecting in our hearts evidently as the crowd were shutting their eyes with tears dropping down their faces while lighting was doing its job in enthusing all that emotions.

For me, it’s such a real gut-wrenching performance. And from that moment, everybody and I knew straight away that Trent Renzor and his Nine Inch Nails has just created the new history of rock concerts in Bangkok that will last for one’s lifetime.

Live review: Nine Inch Nails Live in Bangkok

VIJI Corp, we owed you heaps for this such once in a blue moon kind of concert of our lives! Thanks so much, man!


  1. Somewhat Damaged
  2. The Day the World Went Away
  3. Wish
  4. Less Than
  5. March of the Pigs
  6. Piggy
  7. The Frail
  8. Reptile
  9. The Lovers
  10. Shit Mirror
  11. Ahead of Ourselves
  12. God Break Down the Door
  13. Closer
  14. Copy of A
  15. I’m Afraid of Americans (David Bowie cover)
  16. Gave Up
  17. The Hand That Feeds
  18. Head Like a Hole
  19. Survivalism
  20. Even Deeper
  21. Hurt
Special thanks to VIJI CORP.
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