Madonna rebel heart revenue

Guess how much Madonna makes from Rebel Heart Tour?

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour sold over one million tickets through eighty-two shows, earning the Queen of Pop a whopping $170 million.

After wrapping up the world tour on March 20 in Sydney, Her Madge-sty’s overall concert gross has reached an overwhelming total of $1.31 billion.

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The seventh-month tour began on September 9, 2015 in Montreal, and covered all four continents, totalling twenty countries.

The top-grossing venue was Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena, earning her $9.6 million during the two-day event (Feb 13-14).

However, the singer is not new to this nine-figure payroll. Madonna was also the highest-grossing solo artist after her “Sticky & Sweet” Tour in 2009. Not only so, she is the only woman who is able to top the $1 billion mark in overall concert grosses since 1990.

Here’s a list of the Billboard Boxscore‘s Top-Grossing Touring Acts off all time.

  1. The Rolling Stones — $1.84 billion
  2. U2 — $1.67 billion
  3. Madonna — $1.31 billion
  4. Bruce Springsteen — $1.25 billion
  5. Elton John — $1.05 billion
  6. Bon Jovi — $1.03 billion






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