The American singer/DJ has released his sophomore album, Fable, a deeply personal record that represents the recent chapter of his life.

Fable, out now via Ultra Music, pushes new boundaries for Mako (real name Alex Seaver) as he fuses various music genres that perfectly displays the artist’s multiple talents as a producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and singer.

Mako says of the album,

“’Fable’ is a thrilling, terrifying, and deeply meaningful record for me.  I think in many artists’ creative lives, there comes a moment where you realize that it’s time to take your leap off the deep end to define your sound and commit to it with such a purpose that you’re willing to embrace whatever comes after.  I’m so proud of this music in a way that feels new to me, and I think that’s been one of the greatest gifts to come from taking risks for the first time.  I’m so grateful to have you on this journey with me“

The new release follows the artist’s 2016 debut album Hourglass. Fable compiles six of Mako’s previously released singles from the past three years as well as some brand new tunes.

In 2017, Mako dropped lead single ‘Breathe’ which features smooth vocals from the artist interlaced with an intricate melody. The following year, he continued to skillfully craft emotive pop bangers with ‘Murder’.

In 2019, he released the angst-filled, guitar-driven ‘Coyote’, displaying his ability to implement different musical genres. The producer later followed it up with an alternative ‘Midnight Mix’ version of the track that has an ambient feel compared to the original.

2020 saw Mako joined forces with Elephante on the collaborative track ‘Chameleon’ as well as the pop-centric single ‘Parable’, the latter featuring a distinctive Bulgarian chant that gives the track a unique feel within the artist’s catalog. The year also saw the release of the piano-focused ‘Again’ and the indie-dance anthem ‘Ocelot’.

Fable‘s new additions include the symphonic ‘Peregrine’ with its violin instrumentals, ‘Roller Coaster’ with its bouncy bassline, and ‘The Wagon’ which pairs Mako’s vocal talent with a resonating faint melody.

Since forming Mako in 2011 before becoming a solo project in 2017, Alex Seaver has collaborated with dance music artists from the likes of R3HAB, Illenium, and Steve Angello as well as working alongside Riot Games and their popular video game League of Legends including scoring the company’s TV series ‘Arcane’.