Matoma recalls lost love in new single and MV ‘Summer Feeling’

Norwegian DJ and producer Matoma returns with a nostalgia-filled single titled ‘Summer Feeling’, in which one reminisces about a lost love.

Matoma’s latest single, ‘Summer Feeling’, features Dallas-based singer and TikTok star Jonah Kagen. The lyrics of the summer anthem reminisce about one’s lost love.

The track is the bedroom producer’s debut release as an independent artist, and is the first in a series of single releases of this year.

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Matoma comments,

“I always make my songs with a strong connection to the seasons. In the case of ‘Summer Feeling’ I wanted to approach the idea of summer from the other side, as we appreciate things with nostalgia when it’s passed us by.” 

The music video, directed by longtime collaborator Tobias Frøystad, follows a couple spending time together through the final days of the summer season in Norway.

Speaking on the collaboration, Matoma shares,

“I heard this song ‘Broken’ from a new singer Jonah Kagen and just got knocked over by all the honesty and vulnerability in his voice, but in a happy/sad way that just warms your heart. There was no one else that could bring that same energy to ‘Summer Feeling’. It’s a true honor to work with him on this special song.” 

Jonah Kagen elaborates,

“For me, this song is the coolest thing ever for so many reasons. I’ve gotten to meet and work with an amazing person who is still an idol of mine and one of the main reasons why I wanted to be a musician. From the beginning, Matoma has shown me what it means to share love through music, and I’m so excited to share this example of that with everyone.”

Tom Lagergren aka Matoma made his debut in 2015 with his breakout hit remix of The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Want That Old Thing Back’. His tropical house rework, ‘Old Thing Back (feat. Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant) was featured in his debut album, Hakuna Matoma.

From beginning as a bedroom producer releasing music via SoundCloud, he rose to become one of dance music’s biggest stars.

2021 marks a new chapter in his career as he becomes an independent artist, giving him full creative freedom to produce feel-good music. He hones his skills to motivate listeners with his sound tinged in vintage synths and warm live instrumentation brimming with positivity.

Jonah Kagen gained recognition via TikTok last year, when he encouraged his followers to co-write his single, ‘Broken’. The single garnered an impressive 10 million streams across streaming platforms within the first three months of the song’s release.





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