Maximum pleasure with Toro y Moi

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“I just want everybody to have a good time,” sings Toro Y Moi from his song Mirage and deliver he did.

Switching between luscious singing, fluid grooving and meddling with his compact synthesizer, chill-wave sensation Toro y Moi returned to Singapore backed up by a taut three-piece band, a swishing colour light show and charisma that got fans moving through the night.
Dressed in a pink t-shirt with matching neon orange Asia tour jackets, Toro and his band were adept in planning a highly danceable set that was all serotonin, sensual and pleasing to both the eyes and ears. From playing older records such as Rose Quartz and Mirage to new favourites such as Ordinary Pleasure and New House, the 70-minute set comprised mostly of material off his latest release Outer Peace.
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One lucky fan was even called out by Toro for adorning an Online Ceramics t-shirt, a psychedelic streetwear label who has collaborated with the likes of John Mayer and Grateful Dead member Bob Weir’s Dead & Co. band. The pint-size performer split his time equally between both sides of the stage, making consistent eye contact with fans while crooning song after song.
Toro shines best when in the zone, bopping to the bass lines and drum beats off his band mates – a clear sign that he feels his own music. Aside from being an infectious catalyst for dancing and encouraging the occasional high pitched female screams, he spots a cordial smile whilst on stage performing, showing no sign of being camera shy nor intimidated by the warmly receptive room that had no barricades.
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Toro isn’t the most personable performer that I’ve witnessed and the slightly jarring auto-tune processing in the second half of his set induced slight ear fatigue and a noticeable dip in energy – a running thread through Outer Peace. However, the South Carolina based musician was quick to pick the intensity up with the last few songs in the show and showcased stellar musicianship and a pure passion for music which was rather infectious. The night ended with Toro and his band taking a bow before hi-fiving fans in the front row.
It is safe to say that Toro y Moi brought the jive and Thursday night was a testimony to the visual and aural live experience that is Toro y Moi. If you have got tickets to his upcoming shows, prepare your dancing shoes, you are going to need them.
A big thank you to Collective Minds for the wonderful night with Toro y Moi.





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