Yaeji makes it ‘rain’ in Singapore

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Avant pop DJ-producer Yaeji made it rain on the first show of the Asian leg of her world tour at the snug Kilo Lounge in Singapore on Thursday night.

It was rather surreal to have witnessed Yaeji live since discovering the video of her Boiler Room live set a year ago. It has since garnered over 1.3 million views to date along with a music video release with 88rising, being elected in BBC’s Sound of 2018 longlist and a slot in last year’s Coachella Festival.
Do not be deceived by the childlike features of the 25-year-old Carnegie Mellon University graduate, Yaeji performs with a quiet confidence, switching between a microphone stand downstage and her DJ deck upstage.
The New York based Korean-American multi-disciplinary artist played an hour long set of originals to avid fans who swayed through each track with ease and ecstasy. Crowd favourites such as drink I’m sippin’ on and a cover of Drake’s passionfruit were highlights of the night before she wrapped up with a remix of Focus by Charli XCX as the encore item.
It almost feels like Yaeji’s music could be sampled into the playlists of luxury fashion runways with its dreamlike quality and whispery vocals that complement the rise of ASMR videos on the internet. Accompanied with a distinct persona & visual identity, Yaeji appeals to a rather hipster crowd whom dressed up for the night. Between songs, she expresses her gratitude through her soft spoken screechy vocal tone – a far cry from the sensual tones off her record, yet deeply endearing and heartening to hear.
It is clear the Yaeji’s fanbase will only continue to grow as a reflection of the demand for alternative art and music. Part of the 88rising collective, Asian English music creators like Yaeji are slowly making waves from indie to mainstream. We can only hope that she comes back with more material but in the meantime, Yaeji is a glistening talent not to be missed.






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