Exclusive interview with MANDY at Tommorowland!

MANDY is here with AsiaLive365 to discuss her experience with Hardstyle music, the challenges she faced as female DJ and many more.

Mandy grew up listening to jump, tek and Hardstyle from the age of seven. Her style gradually changed to Hatdstyle and began to play at clubs including Highstreet, Complex, Cherrymoon etc. By the age of 16 years old she was playing at major festivals like Daydream Festival, Beachland Festival, The Qontinent, Sunset Festival etc.
Today, MANDY is here with AsiaLive365 to talk to us about her experience growing up with Hardstyle, the experience of being a female DJ in the industry, upcoming songs and many more. Read Below.

ASL365: Can you tell us more about today’s set that you will be playing at Tomorrowland. Any interesting from selecting the material How long do it take you to prepare your Tomorrowland sets?

MANDY: I will do own thing, play my own track or bootleg. My set will be build up from soft to hard. So be prepared for this?

ASL365: So why Hardstyle and not other genres? Growing up who has been you biggest inspiration?

MANDY: I first listened to Hardstyle when I was 7 years old and my biggest inspiration was Coone.

ASL365: How did you meet him?

MANDY: I saw him for the first time at Sunrise Festival, he was a really cool guy then I saw him at a party where I was playing for the very first time. Then he said “lets take a selfie, you’re really good!” and he also said “keep an eye on this lady”.

ASL365: As a female Hardstyle DJ what challenges have you faced along the way?

MANDY: If you are a girl its very difficult to handle some reaction of people who are bashing you that you can’t be a DJ because you’re a girl. I usually don’t react because I don’t care really.

ASL365: Plenty of DJs hopes to play at Tomorrowland but in the past 12months, you played at Tomorrowland 2018, this year at Tomorrowland winter and also today and next week at 2019. How do you feel when you are constantly booked by one of the biggest festival in the world.

MANDY: Very excited, it is the dream come true!

ASL365: Any new songs we can expect / new music videos?

MANDY: We were working on a bootleg of Swedish House Mafia – Don’t you worry child and it has already received a lot of support from big artists like Dannic, Mattn and a lot of EDM artists.

ASL365: What’s the ultimate goal as a DJ

MANDY: My goal is to play international like out of Europe and playing at Main Stage at Tomorrowland.

ASL365: How do you constantly push yourself to progress and upgrade your production/ DJ sets?

MANDY: I try to be the better version of my self. Always being my self on stage like I’m always jumping and I think everyones that ever saw me knows that I’m always crazy on stage.
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ASL365: What is your dress code for each show?

MANDY: Usually street style!

ASL365: What are the 3 most important items you pack in your bag when touring

MANDY: My headphones, my USB, my Laptop and my clothes.

ASL365: So you’ve been touring around quite a bit so we actually understand that touring drains out a lot of energy so how do you stay energize and how do you work to prevent a burn out?

MANDY: It’s not like I’m touring very much but it gets better, but if I take a shot of Jagermeister that usually helps.

ASL365: Which set during your career has been your favorite so far?

MANDY: I think it was at The Gathering last year, it was one of the biggest one.

ASL365: Being a female DJ at Dirty Workz, have you received a lot of support from the artist within the label?

MANDY: Everyone is constantly supporting each other like a big family so I think it’s pretty cool.





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