Exclusive Interview with Dannic at Tomorrowland.

DJ and Producer Dannic unveil what to expect at Tomorrowland set, plans for Fonk Records and many more.

Producer and DJ Dannic from Breda in Netherlands, also hometown of Tiesto and Hardwell. Dannic entered the scene through DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll, placing 5 years in a row. This, along with Dannic’s standalone, high quality productions, outstanding dj-sets and long withstanding fanbase, confirmed tastemakers, and the industry and beyond, that Dannic remains a driving force within the scene.
Today, Dannic is here to share with us what we can expect from his set at Tomorrowland this year along with upcoming tracks that will be release in the 6 months, Fonk Records plan and many more. Read Below.

ASL365: What can we expect from your set at Tomorrowland this year?

Dannic: Yes I finished almost 12 new songs both club song on FONK RECORDS and REVEAL RECORDINGS, which is coming in August. I have another one coming on W&W Label (Rave Culture), new collaborations and tracks coming up.

ASL365: With so many tracks coming out in the next 6 months, which track are you proud of and why?

Dannic: theres a new track called Wobble, it’s a solo track and it’s coming on FONK RECORDS. I’m proud of of it because it has a Dannic signature sound and my fans from day 1 would really appreciate it. Lots of groovy energy.

ASL365: Sometime in your set you play older song, is there a particular favorite backtrack that you always play?

Dannic: I like to play Wait for you because a lot of fans love that song and I still love it too and it’s special for me. And the collaboration with Hardwell.

ASL365: What’s the plan for FONK RECORDS for the next 6 months?

Dannic: Yes we’re going to rebrand and we’re going to do new things. For the next 6months to a year there will be lots of new talents and bigger tracks and lots of cool stuff coming! The good thing is there are new talents that are making extremely good music. We’re trying to provide a new platforms for new talent.
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ASL365: Do Asian producer get a chance to work with you on you on your label?

Dannic: Everyone is welcome – please listen to the label what kind of music I’m looking for. If I can play it in my set that’s kind of what I’m looking for. If you make your music from the heart I think your song will be unique in it’s own way. I’m looking for a particular sound and how the production is done.

ASL365: You seem to have a strong connection with your fans in Taiwan, do you have anything to say to your Taiwanese fans?

Dannic: I love Taiwan and Taiwanese fans in particular. I’ve been playing there for 4 years now and they sing along to every song. The energy is Taiwan is also on point.

ASL365: How do you manage your time being a producer / DJ to being a record label owner?

It’s quite a heavy season and especially if you have a creative job like me, and sometimes it can be quite tiring but luckily I have a good team around me who can help me whenever I need some extra help. For instance with the Radioshow I select all the tracks myself but I have someone who mixes it for me because that takes a lot of time and of course I do my own talks. I do my own my own social media but I have two managers that do all technical side of things like sound check and the visuals so I can focus making music and playing music for the fans.





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