Exclusive Interview with Blinders from Stmp Rcrds at Tomorrowland.

Blinders from STMP RCRDS discusses his collaboration with Martin Garrix, his B2B Tomorrowland with TV Noise and many more.

AsiaLive365 to discuss his collaborations, his B2B set with TV noise and many more. Read below for the exclusive interview that’s not to be missed.
ASL365: The collaboration with Martin Garrix must have been quite a success with over 8 million views, can you tell us the process behind creating the visuals and making the music with Garrix?
Blinders: We met Martin before the set at Tomorrowland and we checked a few demos between us. We figured out that this demo is very crazy and we’re going to work on it together so the track was played in the same name in the demo. It’s fastest made track made between me and Martin.

ASL365: How long did it take for you to produce the track?

Blinders: We finished it in two weeks. He even took the vocalist very quickly on the track. In my opinion the quality is very good.

ASL365: How did Stmpd Rcrds came about?

Blinders: We met on twitter years ago, we started talking and Martin was very excited about my music. When Martin opened his record he invited me to be a part of it. We met every month now and we just would just work in the studio together.

ASL365: So you tweeted him first?

Blinders: I sent him a tweet being like “Hey brother check my track out” and he said “Yeh this is amazing I’m gonna see your next track” and this is how it started.

ASL365: Any upcoming collaboration we can look forward to??

Blinders: I have some collaborations on the way with some artists but it’s still in a working in progress?

ASL365: How often do you use social media to work with others?

Blinders: I don’t really use social media to be honest, I use it to send message to people on the occasion.

ASL365: Is there any thing special that fans have previously done for you?

Blinders: Sometimes I see the posters and banners that fans made. It makes me happy because it’s nice to know that people are putting an effort in to come to your show and see you.
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ASL365: So have you played in Asia before?

Blinders: China, Japan, Vietnam, Burma. I love Asia because the crowds are crazy. Usually when I play in Asia the crowds go crazy unlike the crowds in Europe.

ASL365: Compared to the European clubs, do you have a different set for Asia?

Blinders: Crowds really like hard music, sometimes dub, or the stuff I play. It usually goes a little bit harder sometimes.

ASL365: What made you produce music harder?

Blinders: I’ve always loved hard music really. I started with progressive house then electro house but after sometimes I realized I really love to make people go crazy and hard music is the way to do it so I keep my music growing harder.

ASL365: We always here artists giving 101% for each show so what does that mean to you?

Blinders: I try to do my best. I try to make music playlist of the craziest tracks I made, craziest tracks I like, and the craziest tracks that keep people going. It depends on the crowd too, sometimes I feel like I need to be spontaneous so I pour a lot of Champagne no them. All depends on the crowd!

ASL365: Tell us about today’s set Tomorrowland

Blinders: The set today is very special because its a B2B set with TV noise so we had to find a way to play our music together. They had their own tracks so and I had mine. Our tracks were quite similar so it was about scheduling who had to go on stage first. Finally even though we planned a lot, it went out spontaneously anyway.

ASL365: If you were given a chance to B2B2B who would you choose?

Blinders: TV noise is the one because they are kinda similar style. I think it would be Loopers & Dyro or Julian Jordan.






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