AsiaLive365 is here with Oscar & The Wolf to discuss the song that set his path to success, his recent collaborations, and many more.

Belgian artist Oscar and the Wolf namely Max Colombie first gained international attention with the single Orange Sky in 2013. With his debut album Entity released in 2014 received critical acclaim and success, particularly with the tracks “Princess”, “Undress” and “Strange Entity”.
In the live interview with Oscar & The Wolf is here to share with us his plans for the rest of the year and his various collaborations that extends beyond music. Read below.

ASL365: Can you tell us how “Orange Sky” set you to the path to where you are now?

OTW: Orange Sky was actually one of the first songs I wrote for the project Oscar & The Wolf. It was the first step that set me to understand the true nature of myself and who I wanted me as a person and in music. It was basically the door that opened me to lots of different doors in the end.

ASL365: We saw collaboration with Dries Van Noten for Paris Fashion Week yes how did that came about?

OTW: He’s a Belgian designer and he’s a fan of mine. So he said that he was doing a new collection about nature with fashion in a luxury way and he said my music was perfect for his collection. And he asked if I could make a song for it and we created an extended version of the song I created, which was originally 3 minutes then we turned it to 11 minutes.

ASL365: Anyone in particular you’d like to collaborate with?

OTW: Oneohtrix Point Never is very good musical project. I’ve never heard anything like it before.

ASL365: Is there anything fans can make you smile when you’re performing?

OTW: Yes when they are dancing really wild and I take it as energy and imitate it!
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ASL365: We always here artists giving 101% for each show so what does that mean to you?

OTW: It means after the concert everybody continues with that energy in their own lives.

ASL365: What’s the rest of your plans for the rest of 2019?

OTW: Writing a lot of songs and I have a super new concept of what I want to do for my music and visually as well. I’m in charge of the whole idea around it.

ASL365: Have you been to Asia?

OTW: I’ve been to Shanghai and the crazy thing was we were in Istanbul a few months ago and we crossed the border and I thought oh my god we’re in Asia now.

ASL365: Can you tell us a unique experience at backstage?

Debbie Harris hit on me once at the backstage! She was really giving me the eyes haha.