A Cosmic gig that was Bazz-ing

Bazzi gave us a Cosmic gig that was Bazz-ing with the energy of stars.

With syncopated transitions and variegated textures, no one would have guessed that the very talented person in front of us was only 21-years old. 
Singer-songwriter Andrew Bazzi, better known as ‘Bazzi’, lit up the Star Theatre in Singapore on Wednesday night (17 July 2019) into a cascading blanket of effulgent emotions and colours that covered us completely.
Gathering at the stalls, the crowd was hyped right from the start of ‘Paradise’ – a scene that was intimate as it was Bazz-ing! Singing 18 songs that lasted an hour, fans were dancing, jamming and melding into the sounds that exploded throughout the gig – accentuated even further by four screens behind him and the use of smoke pyrotechnics that lit up each time the beat in his songs dropped. It was clear that we wanted more!
Challenging us to further vibe up the atmosphere, Bazzi said this, “I have a challenge for you guys tonight!”
“If you guys know the songs, please sing out loud with me,” he continued. The charming artist also melted many Singaporeans’ hearts that night when he said how much he loved the country. 
“I’ve only been here for about 10 hours, but can I just say that you guys are my favourite city. Do you think I can live here?” he asked. “Got ERP!” shouted a fan cheekily, referring to Singapore’s ever increasing road tax. Indeed, Wednesday evening was as ‘Beautiful’ both texturally and tonally as the song itself.
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Popular hits that got the crowd moving even more were ‘Beautiful’, ‘Mine’, ‘Gone’, ‘Alone’ and ‘Myself’, with Bazzi’s masterly riffs in ‘Alone’ blowing everyone’s minds! Serenading us with some covers too, namely Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’, Drake’s ‘Hold On, I’m Going Home’ and Usher’s ‘There Goes My Baby’, the young singer also joked about how he was “bad” at them. 
“It’s not really a cover if you don’t f*** it up right?” he said. To speak of Bazzi’s vocals would be to call it part smooth, part incandescent, part energetic and part vibrant – like the state of reaction within exploding balls of gas in the silhouette of a twilight sky. 
In fact, very much like his album cover ‘Cosmic’ too! Precious moments include fans shining their mobile phone lights during ‘Beautiful’, the beautiful chorus of audience vocals during ‘Mine’, and when Bazzi sang a birthday song for someone in the audience. 
For me, I loved the energy in ‘Myself’ which was teeming with both smooth vocals, dancing and timely smoke pyrotechnics! Bazzi’s R&B, soulful and Hip Hop textures made it like a club, and everything about the atmosphere was ripe – dancing and all! And for everyone else who did not come! Well… you missed out! It was a Bazz-ing gig!








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