Bazzi talks Cosmic tunes and experiences, and what to expect at his debut show in Singapore.

The 21 year old pop and R&B singer – Bazzi shares with AsiaLive365 about touring with Camila Cabello and Justin Timberlake, his favourite song from the album ‘Cosmic’ and many more.

“I will make music until I die”, tweeted Andrew Bazzi on 23rd June 2019.
What a compelling statement indeed from this very promising and rising star who is about to embark on his inaugural tour to Asia, one of the countries being Singapore.
In Singapore for the first time, 21-year-old pop and R&B singer-songwriter Bazzi will also be making his debut performance at the Star Performing Arts Centre on 17 July 2019.
The American singer is well-known for his single ‘Mine’ which became a viral meme when it was used in a Snapchat lens filter. Reaching number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in April last year, ‘Mine’ has had 140 million views on YouTube, to date. It is featured on his debut album – Cosmic.
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The young artist has toured with the likes of Camila Cabello and Justin Timberlake. One might also remember his hit ‘Beautiful’, which was re-released as a duet with Cabello on 2nd August 2018. The song peaked at number 2 in Malaysia and number 3 in Singapore.
The AsiaLive365 team had a chance to catch up with this rising star as he talks about his experience touring with Cabello and Timberlake, his favourite song from ‘Cosmic’ and what to expect at his gig in July.
Hi Bazzi, Vanessa from AsiaLive365 here. Welcome to Singapore!

AsiaLive365: So tell us… What are you most excited about for your tour to Asia? Is there any must-see, must-do or must-eat thing on your itinerary for Singapore?

Bazzi: I’m really excited to see my fans. Its my first show in Singapore ever! I love food so I’m open to suggestions on what I should try.

AsiaLive365: ‘Mine’ is such a beautiful hit, and a favourite with many. What is the story or inspiration behind this song?

Bazzi: I heard the melody in my head at a party and sang it into a voice memo on my phone. I got in the studio and the rest is history.

AsiaLive365: If you could pick a favourite song from ‘Cosmic’, what would it be and why?

Bazzi: It changes but right now it’s ‘Dreams’. I love the concept of it, people love it at my shows. Excited about the next bath of music now though.

AsiaLive365: What is the strangest place that you’ve heard your songs play at?

Bazzi: Nowhere really strange but always love to hear how people connect with my music whether it be in a car passing by or in an Instagram video. It’s all love.

AsiaLive365: Name 3-5 folks (dead or alive) that you’d like to invite to a dinner party?

Bazzi: Axl Rose, Jay Z and Prince.

AsiaLive365: What was it like touring with Camila Cabello and Justin Timberlake on their respective tours?

Bazzi: So amazing. It was great to get to know Camila better and seeing Justin Timberlake perform every night was an honour. What a legend.

AsiaLive365: What was your most memorable gig?

Bazzi: I’ll always remember the first show from ‘Cosmic Tour’ in Vancouver. It was the first so I’ll never forget it!

AsiaLive365: Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with (on a song) the future?

Bazzi: Got a few coming. (*winks*)

AsiaLive365: Lastly, what can fans look forward to at your gig and please give your Singapore fans a shout-out.

Bazzi: I love all of my Singapore fans! I can’t wait to meet you. Look forward to going to a great show and hearing amazing songs you love. Let’s get it!
Thank you Bazzi and we hope that you keep on making great tunes! See you in July!
Catch BAZZI LIVE IN SINGAPORE 2019 on the 17 July 2019 at The Star Theatre.
*This concert is rated Advisory 16
Tickets are available from $168, $148, $128 and $78 (excl. booking fees) is available at:






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