SLAYN has released a new album SUMMER IS OVER – a multinational collaboration between the Singaporean pop duo, Indonesian electronic producer ABRAM, and Hong Kong R&B/Rap artist-producer Gareth.T.

Comprising members Cherie Rui Min and Joshua Evan, SLAYN’s new album is a lyrical microcosm of a breakup album, detailing the 7 chapters of healing from failed relationships. Through heartbreak, healing, liberation, and maturation, the seven songs detail an emotional journey that invokes the soulfulness of R&B harmonies, the conversational delivery of hip-hop, and the cyclicity of pop. SLAYN interweaves these musical styles in their storytelling, turning Cherie’s personal experience with an abusive relationship into a cathartic body of songs.

The title track off SLAYN’s debut album invokes the soulfulness of R&B harmonies, the conversational delivery of Hip-Hop, and the cyclicity of Pop. The accompanying music video was shot in Los Angeles during the summer and Boston during the winter, juxtaposing the contrasting landscapes. The visuals evoke nostalgia, looking back on a summer love. SLAYN worked with videographers, Hwang Jing (Malaysia) and Josh Chung (Los Angeles) to realize their vision for the visual extension of their music.

SLAYN, Gareth.T and ABRAM are working on a remix EP for the song to feature artists of diverse styles, expected to be released in the last quarter of 2020.

The album release also follows the success of the single ‘Lies and Covers’ with fellow Singaporean singer-songwriter LEW. SUMMER IS OVER features collaborations with Indonesian producer ABRAM and Hong Kong artist-producer Gareth.T on the title track, and Los Angeles producer Josh Choo providing additional production and live horns on ‘TREAT ME LIKE SOMEBODY’, previously released in July. The ‘OVER YOU INTERLUDE’ teases an upcoming dance single featuring Ivorian-French artist Eva Sita, to be released later this year in December. There will be accompanying visuals for every track on the album. SLAYN has collaborated with LA videographers Benji Patterson and Josh Chung, and Malaysian videographer Hwang Jing on the music videos for ‘OVER YOU (with Eva Sita)’ and ‘SUMMER IS OVER (with Gareth.T and ABRAM)’.

Says Cherie,

“Writing these songs was a form of therapy for me as I was forced to be honest and vulnerable with myself. I think the journey I went through is very relatable to many, and I hope this album will serve as a soundtrack and bring closure to anyone going through heartbreak.” 

Says Joshua,

“This album is a culmination of our growth over the past decade. Cherie and I have not just been musical partners but best friends for 10 years now – we call ourselves cousins. I lived through her breakup with her while we lived together in Boston. We produced and recorded these songs in our bedrooms, and we hope listeners will hear the intimacy and honesty we poured into our album.”