Mirasol, the newest event series from PIPPA presents an organic and electronic evening from Stavroz and KMLN.

Mirasol, the latest event series from PIPPA, will take place at the new Pippa Tree on the helipad, and flow inside PIPPA’s Secret, the mysterious venue of bountiful aural delight, paintings and feathery leaves from the ceiling with soft glowing lighting and blue glass window looking out to Pattaya’s sky.
Stavroz born in 2011 by IJsbrand, Gert, Maxim and Pieter DJ’s  are both known for infusing in acoustic and organic vibes into electronic music.First released their vinyl under Délicieuse Records and was picked up on international blogs, making them number one position on Hype Machine and was chosen vinyl of the month by the German ‘Faze Magazine’.
The four friends pocketed releases for Kindisch, Bedrock and their own label ‘Moodfamily’ in Ghent and hold their own weekly show on Belgian National alternative radio show namely ‘Studio Brussel’, where they display an uncanny ability to combine the old with the new and the East with the West.

KMLN (“Kameleon”) unites Italian producer/multi-instrumentalist Christopher Tooker and Canadian DJ/producer​ Shawna Hofmann.
Both being travellers and cultural explorers are part of their core identity that is highlighted in their soundscape.
Find them singing, playing live bass, percussion, looping or guest musicians, you never know what to expect, every show is different. As interplanetary travellers and cultural explorers, the KMLN strides to bend reality through sound, moving through tempos with layers and layers of mind-altering colours.

Tickets are available at:
5,000 THB for 2 tickets + 2 Free Beers + MYTT Deluxe Urban
3,000 THB for 2 tickets + 2 Free Beers + A-One Star Room
1,000 THB for regular ticket + 1 Free beer
Tickets are available at Hatcha.
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