Mumford and Sons switched from slow soulful vocals to foot-tapping, crowd pumping numbers.

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The fans were brimming with excitement for Mumford and Sons’ debut in Bangkok.

There was much buzz about Mumford and Sons finally coming to Thailand. This is a band that is meant to be heard live. They are all multi-talented with their own distinctive vocals and interchangeable instruments.
Marcus Mumford switched from electric guitar to acoustic guitar and even at one point he played the drums AND sang for ‘Lover of the Light’.
The energy in the room was electric from the start thanks to their unique fusion of bluegrass and folk-rock. The opener was ‘Snake Eyes’ which starts slowly with a steady build-up. This led to ‘Guiding Light’, a slow-paced song off their latest album ‘Delta’ that all the fans sang word for word.
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However, it was the beautiful finger-picking intro of ‘The Cave’ that drew lots of excitement, from the twang of the banjo strumming to the quickened tempo that urged the crowd to jump along.
During ‘Believe’, Mumford told us to turn on our lights. Everyone synchronised waving our lit phones to the music. It looked and felt magical as we all moved as one.
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The magic didn’t end there as they launched into ‘Little Lion Man’. The song that started it all for most of us in 2009. So as you can imagine, it was time to get wild. Afterwards, they mellowed into ‘Ditmas’ and just as they sang, “And so I cry. As I hold you for the last time in this life”’
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Mumford stepped out from the stage and shook hands with the front row. It was a very special moment as he raced over the left side of the hall and gave a “Thai wai”. A sign of gratitude and respect.
The encore was a surprising acoustic session with the songs ‘Reminder’ and ‘Forever’. The hall hushed as we all listened intently to the harmonising vocals. Then we fully embraced the upbeat ‘Awake My Soul’.
But the night truly ended on a high with the banjo jangling ‘I will wait’. There was so much energy from the stage as things got a little bit mental in the crowd.
Please, don’t wait so long to return. Thailand loves you.
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