Over the years, holiday seasons have seen a lot of artists re-creating of Christmas hits like “All I Want For Christmas Is you”, “Last Christmas”, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and so on. You’re not exactly sick of them or anything (hey, they only have once a year to shine and, let’s face it, they’re classics) but you just wish you could hear some new wintery tracks once in a while…

Christmas gif

Well, fret not because we’re here to introduce you five brand new tracks to get you in the spirit of the holidays. From upbeat pop tracks to sweet melodies from Seoul, here are our top five picks.

1. Katy Perry – “Every Day Is a Holiday”


Katy Perry teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer Duke Dumont to create this upbeat tunes, something we imagine we’d hear if we got to celebrate Christmas Eve at Perry’s house. The song’s also being used in the adverts for the pop star’s holiday collaboration with H&M.

2. John Legend – “Under the Stars”

A collaborative holiday single created for Stella Artois’ “Give Beautifully” campaign, the R&B mastermind creates a warm winter ballad with soft drums and his signature, powerful piano chords. Legend spoke about the collaboration saying: “For the holiday season, Stella Artois and I came together to give a gift, a song that’s inspired by the stars. In this song, we’re hearing the noises that stars make.”

3. Girls’ Generation-TTS – “Dear Santa”

The splinter trio of Girls’ Generation dropped a new Christmas Song in English as a treat for international fans. It starts with a gorgeous ballad about heartbreak before turning into a jingle bell-heavy pop jam when the girls perk up and realise Santa “won’t let [them] down” this holiday.

4. Kylie Minogue feat. Dannii Minogue – “100 Degrees”

“100 Degrees” is one of the lead singles from Minogue’s new holiday-themed album Kylie Christmas. For this sexy disco pop track included in the deluxe version of the album, the Australian diva enlisted the help of her sister, who professes, “There’s not enough party Christmas songs. Everyone has Christmas parties, but what music do you put on? This song is perfect for dancing to.” You know what, Dannii? We think you might be right.

5. The Killers – “Dirt Sledding”

Frontman Brandon Flowers might have been focusing on his solo record The Desired Effect but this Christmas The Killers reunited for their 10th Christmas track for (RED) Organisation. As with all previous Christmas singles from the Las Vegas-native quartet, all proceeds from the song will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. The video is also part of a trilogy with “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” (2007) and “I Feel It In My Bones” (2012).