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Within Asia


Mayonnaise – Anything


An alt-rock ballad straight out the gate by Filipino band Mayonnaise, Anything is a plea for a lover to return to the subject of the song. “I can do anything, please come back to me,” are the lyrics sung in earnest by frontman Monty Macalino. The band has been in the music scene for a while and has scores of fans following their relatable material about almost anything in the facet of Filipino life and pop culture.



Mt. Lewis – 24


Funny enough, the keyboard player for Mt. Lewis is an acquaintance and we are quite surprised to have them on this list seeing they’re on Spotify. At the dawn of bands like IV of Spades and artists like Unique Salonga and other indie artists in mind, Mt. Lewis sprung in the heart of Pampanga, Philippines like a new branch in the indie/70’s Filipino throwback timeline. With Lewis Tiongco fronting the band, a charming presence and a damn good songwriter too, he leads the band and most of them are also talented in their own right. The single 24, sung in Tagalog, is about leaving – again – like the first song on the list. Are you seeing a pattern here? No you are not.



TJ Monterde – Nowhere


Singer-songwriter TJ Monterde sings about missing someone and wishing the person was here with him. The subject of the song might be his actual wife, KZ Tandingan, also a renowned artist in her own right – who is in the lyric video below with Monterde. This upbeat ditty is sure to give the tingles to anyone who’s in love and anticipation of being with that person.



BIBI – Bam Yang Gang


A K-Pop song like no other, BIBI paints a vivid picture of the end of a relationship and looking for a source of comfort personified as a night time snack (Bam Yang Gang) of “sweet, sweet chestnut red bean jelly” all under the steady waltz march of the snare drum. The fun instrumentation fits well with the premise of finding that notion of comfort and satisfaction amidst self-doubt.



Violette Wautier – ENVY


Somehow, this reminds us of how post-country pop Taylor Swift sounds. Even the subtle nuances of the vocal delivery brings that idea to mind. Violette Wautier, the multi-talented Thai-Belgian singer-songwriter and one-time The Voice Thailand participant shines through in this track. Very laid back and playful with her singing at the same time, ENVY is from her best friend’s perspective who got married.



Hikaru Utada – Naniirodemonai Hana

Translated as A Flower With No Color, Naniirodemonai Hana is a testament to Hikaru Utada (or Utada Hikaru to most) and her staying power and talent all throughout the years. As one of Japan’s best pop exports with hits like Automatic and First Love, she once again shines through on this track. This song is about love unbound, unending and the strength and belief of love and philosophical concepts about it.



KIRE – Yao


Taiwanese hotstepper KIRE has a new single out called Yao, sharing the sentiment the singer has to his song subject. He wants her to wear his ring in the future but he lets her do her thing at the present time. A little bit of push and pull, if you catch my drift.



Crossfaith – Zero


Now we are crossing aggressive territory. From the island country of Japan, metalcore band Crossfaith’s new song Zero starts off with tribal drums and a chant. Then the sound off begins in classic Crossfaith approach – gang shouts, harsh and sung vocals and electronic elements like dubstep combined into a one-two punch.



Made Mawut & Nosstress – Macet Menggelora


A dance ditty that borders on the traditional, Indonesian blues giant Made Mawut collaborates with Nosstress, an indie band to bring us Macet Menggelora. This tune is reminiscent of Tame Impala, if they started making music in Indonesia. It is the rich flavor of the country that you can feel right in your stereo (or headphones)!



coldrain – Vengeance


J-Rock superstars coldrain graces us once more with their new single Vengeance. As you can expect from the band, it has a catchy chorus, the right amount of aggression and a hell of a hook for a song.



lewloh – loose ends


Lewis Loh, best known as Singaporean singer-songwriter lewloh, dishes out his signature intimate and vulnerable songwriting in his new single loose ends. This song brings you back to a feeling of regret and things left unsaid.



hongjoin – Enough For Me


A fun song that starts off with elevator music vibes, which then transforms into perky pop goodness. Enough For Me, the latest song from Singaporean singer-songwriter hongjoin is sure to put this one on your next go-to playlist.





International Hits


Dua Lipa – Training Season


Dua Lipa wants what she wants and she’s not shy to declare that training season is over. Her new song is about the singer wanting somebody who already knows the ropes and not anyone that she needs to dedicate her time to “train” to be the right person in her life.



Vampire Weekend – Capricorn


A poignant indie track reflecting on the life of a Capricorn, Vampire Weekend brings the consolation of not having it all and being doomed to live a life that’s passing them by and accepting it all. And they tell all Capricorns to listen clearly and not to try anymore.



ScHoolboy Q – Yeern 101


This banger is a vibe! ScHoolboy Q, the Cali-born rapper with almost 20 years in the game, just released Yeern 101 and boy this track is on fire! It is a declaration that he’s taking over with Blue Lips, his latest album is on the corner.



Jennifer Lopez – Rebound


Jennifer Lopez is back with another track from her album This Is Me…Now called Rebound and I don’t need to elaborate what this song means from the title alone. Go figure, it isn’t hard.



HEALTH – Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)


“This town don’t feel mine, I’m fast to get away…” as Jake Duszik sings on top of a droning and lulling beat. This American industrial rock outfit breezes through the Deftones cover with ease in their own style that recalls Cyberpunk soundtracks. This can be your next workout song too, you know?



Maya Hawke – Missing Out


If the last name is familiar to you, then gosh darn you are so on the money. Actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s prodigy Maya is also a folk-pop singer-songwriter and just released the lead single from her upcoming third album (Chaos Angel) called Missing Out. And it harkens back to early 2000’s indie sounding releases.



Pearl Jam – Dark Matter


Are Eddie Vedder and company back at their Vs/Vitalogy era sound, but for the new generation of listeners? If you’re a fan from back in their early days, you can hear a resurgence especially with Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament and Mike McCready alongside the powerhouse drumming of Matt Cameron (ex-Soundgarden). Great track for a new Friday!



Jason Derulo and David Guetta – Down


David Guetta and Jason Derulo reimagines Paul Johnson’s famous club hit Get Get Down and brings it back in the clubs to good and bad “gyals” like a fresh box of doughnuts.





From their fifth album TANGK and the first to involve longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, POP POP POP shows the band’s continuous openness for growth from their initial punk rock days to clear hints of mixing it up. Joe Talbot sings of positive things and this song is reportedly based off of his daughter and how he sees her and inspires him.



Caroline Polachek – Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth


A cover of Operating Theatre and Roger Doyle, Caroline Polachek transforms this track into art pop genius. Better have a listen, it is otherworldly.



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