New Music Fridays Week 8 [February 23]

Music That Melts Your Heart and Bang Your Head To


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Within Asia




TWICE, renowned for their catchy tunes and dynamic performances, adopts a more introspective approach with “One Spark.” The song explores personal introspection and the power of quiet strength, serving as a beacon of hope during moments of doubt and uncertainty. It suggests that within each of us lies dormant potential, ready to be awakened. This message is both universal and intimately personal, engaging the listener in a manner that is both close-knit and far-reaching.



LE SSERAFIM – EASY (English Version)


“Easy” celebrates the bravery required to pursue what genuinely feels right, opposing societal norms that often equate success with struggle and hardship. In this light, choosing simplicity becomes a revolutionary act. LE SSERAFIM elevates what could have been a mere pop song into an anthem for those bold enough to forge their own paths.



lullaboy – 3 new words


“3 New Words” addresses the universality of vulnerability, reminding us that acknowledging our feelings is a courageous act. In a society that frequently prizes stoicism and detachment, declaring love becomes a radical act of self-discovery. The song not only examines the effect of these words on those who hear them but also on those who speak them, delving into the vulnerability involved in expressing love and its transformative impact.


IU – Shopper


IU, renowned for her narrative-driven music, utilizes “Shopper” to craft a story that resonates with many. The song explores more than just the emotions and experiences associated with consumerism but moreso the theme of “life is short, so take it all.” It reflects on the allure of the material world and the fleeting nature of life, a theme that strikes a chord with today’s society.



YAO – Die For You


At first glance, “Die For You” by YAO may appear to be just another addition to the vast expanse of music. However, a deeper exploration reveals its complex layers, much like the process of understanding our own emotions and relationships. Listening intently to this song is akin to navigating our emotional landscapes, uncovering truths previously unseen.



lost spaces – RUNNIN’ OUTTA TIME


“Runnin Outta Time” by Lost Spaces transcends mere musical composition, embodying a narrative, an emotion, a moment immortalized through sound. It addresses the universal struggle with time’s passage, the pressures it imposes, and the dissonance between our reality and our aspirations. However, understanding the song’s true essence requires looking beyond its surface.



Yuji and yedira – rewind


Through their collaboration, Yuji and Yedira offer a rich blend of perspectives that deepen the song’s narrative. Their voices, distinct yet complementary, act as dual narrators on a journey of reflection and desire. The song goes beyond merely wishing for a second chance at a moment or decision; it explores the complexity of human emotions, the intricate web of our choices, and their consequences.





The song challenges us to confront our own thoughts and feelings about loss and letting go. It’s easy to get caught up in the societal expectation that we should always be rational and composed, even in the face of emotional turmoil. But “WISH U WERE DEAD” gives us permission to acknowledge our pain and anger. It tells us that sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay.



Dwta & Arthur Miguel – Tahan Na


The collaboration between dwta and Arthur Miguel brings together distinct musical sensibilities that, when combined, create something unique. Collaboration in music is like a conversation where each note, each rhythm, and each melody adds to the dialogue. In “Tahan Na,” this dialogue traverses the spectrum of human emotion, from despair to hope, from loneliness to companionship. It’s a reminder that the consolation of finding the one for you is ever present.



Lesssugar – it’s better..?


“It’s Better..?” by Lessugar exemplifies the emotion that trying to better one’s self is a struggle. It always is and it is a universal truth about human experience and growth. The song, soundwise, is indie and dreampop in tone, which brings substance to the struggle.



Sunwich – The Reason Why


Indonesia’s SUNWICH tells a story about wanting to be free with the hardship of trying to explain why to the other person. It is hard to be in between what one wants and what one needs to do in order not to hurt the other person too much. Engaging with “The Reason Why” is comparable to conversing with a long-time friend. It comforts with its familiarity while prompting a deeper self-examination.



SinoSikat? – Heart Calling


Philippine fusion act SinoSikat? takes a turn for the soul vibe with the use of a horns section and conveys yearning and learning, gearing towards individuality. Taking the leap and listening to your gut for growth and soul nourishing – basically whatever makes you happy. Frontwoman and namesake Kat Agarrado empowers everyone to follow their heart and take a chance.



Midnasty – DTM


Dumaguete City in the Philippines is home to this familial act – they literally are three brothers! These guys switch their linguals from their local language Visayan to English so seamlessly you won’t know the difference because of their skillful melody and mastery of rhyme. The catchy beat plus their intelligent wordplay makes this your LSS for the week!





International Hits


SZA – Saturn


Time moves slow in Saturn, doesn’t it? That’s what SZA wants, actually. Find inner peace and introspect – and make it last for a while. And if there is a way to do that, she will, which is her overall plea all throughout the song.



Selena Gomez – Love On


Oh Selena. She’s truly in love, isn’t she? And it shows with her latest single Love On, telling her love interest that she’s worth the rollercoaster ride and is ecstatic about her feelings towards that person, who in real life is music producer Benny Blanco.



Justin Timberlake – Drown


Have you ever had a feeling of being too “on the deep end” and the one you’re expecting to help, doesn’t? This is the main theme of Timberlake’s new single, Drown, off his new album “Everything I Thought It Was.”



USHER – Believe


Top notch R&B production? Check. Lyrics about fighting for a relationship at its losing end? Check. That signature Usher hook? You bet! Usher Raymond brings in another hot single from “Coming Home” that is sure to quench your music fix.                                                                                                                                     



Russ – In The Dirt


Singer/rapper multi-hyphenate Russ’ new single is out! In The Dirt is about making the right choices after being “in too deep” within the trappings of excess and fame. He might have been scared of what happens to artists who don’t get out of that kind of life.



Gary Clark Jr. feat Keyon Harrold – Alone Together


This very groovy and soulful track from eclectic musician Gary Clark Jr hits the heart hard with pleading to keep the relationship afloat. Wait a minute, is there a running theme this week? See USHER’s new track and it’s kind of the same lyrics-wise. 



Gus Dapperton and Electric Guest – Lil Tune


This song might be a little cryptic and subject to interpretation, but the team here at Asia Live 365 thinks this is literally about a song that’s got you in LSS (Last Song Syndrome). This fun sounding indie pop jam from Gus Dapperton and band Electric Guest can also be about a girl you can’t stop thinking about. What do you think?



Real Estate – Flowers


This laid-back track from New Jersey’s Real Estate is one for all roadtrip soundtracks. It talks about despite facing setbacks and dread, life is all flowers and keeping it positive.



Kenny Chesney – Thinkin’ Bout


Country crooner Kenny Chesney sings about trying to forget somebody who’s an “easy come, easy go” in his life and stop whatever’s going on. But the first-person perspective tends to be hard to get a head start with “trying not to think about not thinking about” the subject in question. See what I did there?



Norah Jones – Staring at the Wall


If you’re aimless and confused and wondering what the heck you’re doing with your life, this is the song for you! Norah Jones shows us all that we can be human and that it is okay. It happens to the best of us, so no worries there!


Saweetie – Richtivities


If you recall the old TV show Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous, this can be an appropriate soundtrack to an updated degree. Saweetie is a go-getter, jet-setter and bills-on-time payer all rolled into one in this song.



Linkin Park – Friendly Fire


Taken from the One More Light 2017 sessions, their unreleased track Friendly Fire dredges up memories, good and otherwise. This makes Linkin Park fanatics happy and teary-eyed at the same time hearing Chester Bennington’s (RIP) golden voice once again.



Kings of Leon – Mustang


This new track is bringing back the old Caleb Followill that we know and love, and then some. It starts off with a deadpan and morose vocal delivery with observational lyrics from an outsider’s perspective ala Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. Come the second chorus, that trademark Kings Of Leon energy goes out to the speakers and into many a fan’s ears with the joy of a comeback.



Machine Gun Kelly – don’t let me go


Mental health is important and “un-alive-ing” yourself is never the answer. MGK illustrates his life, his struggles and the trauma he inherited from his family summing up to the present and the doubt that is running through his mind on this track. This is at his most vulnerable and most relatable. This also marks his return to rapping in his songs.



Kodak Black – Shampoo


Shampoo by Kodak Black is a statement song, coming back from his recent jail-time stint. The controversial rapper is at it again with his observational wit and intense hood bravado laid over a relentless trap beat.



Bleachers – Me Before You


There’s something about Jack Antonoff, famous music producer, that truly gets it. He gets pop sensibility. Look him up – this man has more than enough credits to back him up and know that he can back it up. His own band, Bleachers, brings the same pop sensibility with nostalgia in tow (check the saxophone just coming in and out of this song).



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