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A seemingly quiet Monday night was dressed in layers of tonal textures, wrapping us in moments of serenity, comfort, and wonderment at his prolific repertoire.

Together with fellow musicians Antonio Sanchez (on drums), Linda May Han Oh (on double bass and bass) & Gwilym Simcock (on piano), the specialised array of pieces brought joy to our ears.
Memorable moments included watching his intense filigree, which seemed like choreographed footwork of a masterpiece, as well as his solo songs with Sanchez, Oh and Simcock.
Playing became intense beautiful conversations between the two instruments – guitar and drums, guitar and bass, and guitar and piano.
At times, we were treated to slightly more “stonking” pieces that were fast, wild and flamboyant almost like a math rock gig. At other times, they were masterful jazz delights, where the tight fluidity and intricacy of the structures were utter love.
And then there were times where the playing felt like a love letter, and once, even reminiscence of the melancholia of Fado.
No surprise that night were the amount of ardent fans in the packed concert hall that boisterously clapped, whistled and “wooooed” their support for the talented music artist. One fan was even sporting a tour tee!
I must admit that while I am neither a jazz aficionado nor acquainted with many of Metheny’s popular pieces, I was pleasantly lulled into an ambience of fascination throughout that evening.
I was much in awe of watching the master on stage, along with his touring group – where tight percussion and interlacing strings ruled!
Indeed, the tenacity of the legend on stage, as he strummed deeply complex riffs and chords, was mesmerising as it was evocative.
It is also notable to mention that the entire performance lasted a solid two hours.
“He did everything. Math rock, progressive, fusion, Latin – no wonder Americans love him so much!” said a young lady in the audience as I left the concert hall.
As concert-goers exited, exultant at their experience of the evening, I couldn’t agree more with her statement.
What a legend!
And so inspiring too!
With this, I leave you readers with a “poem” of sorts, of the night that befell us – inspired by the “hurricane” of Metheny’s new album ‘From This Place’.
“Like a hurricane,
Filigree so caressing and light like patter of rain,
Crashing thunder of drums and texturally bass,
Chords, riffs and colours to ease sorrow and pain,
Make haste, make haste,
It’s a hurricane.”
Special thanks to the Esplanade for the media invite.
Special thanks also to the artists for their continued love and support, albeit the uncertain circumstances surrounding COVID-19 around the world.
With three Mosaic Music Series gigs already cancelled, and one postponed, ‘An Evening with Pat Metheny’ was the only international Mosaic Music performance left standing.
Bless you, and thank you.