We’re bringing you some exciting new releases from Tuesday 20th August – Monday 26th August that we think are worth saving a spot on your playlist ft. Lana Del Rey, Incubus, The 1975, and many more.

Here we deliver a range of music this week with 10 new tracks from Lana Del Ray, The 1975, Missy Elliot, Taylor Swift and more. To the FOMO music fans out there, take a listen to these 10 tracks we have to offer for the upcoming week.
  1. Lana Del Rey – “Fuck It I love You & The Greatest”

The double video is as romantic as it gets with Lana Del Rey.
2. Incubus – “Into The Summer”

A kind of upbeat and surfy melody, different to what we would expect from the Incubus.
3. The 1975 – “People”

Did The 1975 just rhymed “Obama” with “Marijuana”?
4. Why Don’t We – “What Am I”

These boys certainly do know how to welcome Summer with their sweet vocals. Written by Ed Sheeran (No surprised there…).
5. Charlie Puth – “I Warned Myself”

oh boy, we all sure do know what it’s like to be in a toxic relationship.
6. Taylor Swift – “Lover”

A sweet, soft, nostalgia and slow vocals reminded us of the old Taylor we once knew, and we’re loving it!
7. J Balvin, Bad Buddy – “CUIDAO POR AHI”

8. EVERGLOW (에버글로우) – Adios MV

9. Missy Elliot – “Throw It Back”

The rapper who hasn’t released any album since 2005 is here to remind you who she is, from a post-modern view point that is. Seriously, we are impressed with the combination of the visuals here.
10. Martin Garrix feat. Bonn – “Home”


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