Payday releases ‘P.U.K.E Tapes, Vol. 3’

Following the first two volumes released last year, the rising rapper and singer has dropped her third ‘P.U.K.E. Tapes’ EP along with the MV for ‘Cry’.

P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3, the latest installment in Payday’s series of EPs, features her knack for spitting lyrics and signature quick wit.

Produced by SickDrumz, Andy M from Death Grips, Wilie Tafa, Peter Lalich and Nick “Unknown Nick” Audino, Tthe four-track collection includes fan favorites ‘Dolphin’ and ‘Big Boy’ as well as unreleased tracks ‘Meow God’ and ‘Cry’.

Payday reveals,

“I’m so stoked for P.U.K.E Tapes 3 as an EP and each song carries a special meaning even though I’m also being super weird with each record. With ‘Dolphin’ and ‘Meow God’ I’m on some freedom and unafraid shit. With ‘Big Boy’ I hope people feel empowered by it… like.. go on be on some big boy shit if you want ! What the fuck is even a big boy anyways ?! ‘Cry’ showcases a bit more of my vocal ability and is pretty self-explanatory… The first line is “you’re not as cool as you think that you are” Like, I see right through you bro. Drop the act, you’re really not as cool as you think that you are! THIS IS GOING TO BE The MOST EXPLOSIVE PUKE TAPE YET !!”

The Cali-born rapper has also dropped the official MV for the EP’s leading track, ‘Cry’. Directed by Slade Sergerson, the video explores toxic masculinity.

She explains,

“Men/boys pretending to like traditionally manly things just because it’s the norm feeds into toxic masculinity and can be super harmful. That’s what the song and video shows—crying isn’t a sign of weakness.” 

The release of the video follows the Gabe Hostetler-directed MV for ‘Big Boy’, for which the track now has over 200,000 global streams.

Explaining the origins of the P.U.K.E. Tapes title, she explains,

 “I do so many different things…I’ll make a poppier song, or I’ll go in and really spit, or I’ll get depressed. It’s literally like puke, so I made this acronym with a deeper meaning: Payday’s Unbelievably Killer EP. It’s a random assortment of songs…like word vomit.”

Payday closed out 2020 with her 11-track It’s Just Music mixtape featuring the track, ‘Guts’, which NYLON hailed as “a sweet lil’ love song for the love-avoidant.”

Payday first entered the music scene with her debut single, ‘Super Thicc’.

Listen to Payday’s P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3 via Spotify below.





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