We interviewed Cameron Breen of Australian music duo Bad Decisions on their recently released King of the Youth EP.

Prepare yourself for a boost of vitality, because Bite This! (American DJ Jauz’s label imprint) has released one of the label’s biggest releases this year – Bad Decisions’ latest EP King of the Youth. With an advance release of their single ‘Run’ on November 10, the EP was released on Monday, November 23.

Fusing elements of indie, future dance and pop, members Cameron Breen and Andrew Ghisoni have become known across the globe for their high-energy stylings and potent performances. Both artists come packing strong musical backgrounds — Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist, and Cameron a nuanced vocalist whose mesmerizing timbre can be heard throughout this fresh EP. 

The lead single is ‘Run’, and it’s a glitchy, mid-tempo jam. Entangled in buoyant builds and scintillating sonics, Andrew and Cameron have designed a track that’s fiercely radio-ready. “Run” starts slow and dynamic, but keep listening — the vibes hit highs in no time.

Next up is “King of the Youth”, a sexy duet featuring the inimitable, ARIIA. Sultry and piano driven, this soaring production is an unbridled bop, and that’s thanks to a catchy vocal line, Andrew’s thoughtful attention to melody and the palpable chemistry shared between Cameron and his Miami-based counterpart, whose uplifting alto performance is downright dreamy. This title track is a certified bedroom bass earworm that’s brimming with hot and heavy hi-fi drops for listeners to drown in. 

The EP closes on a minimal note with “Dangerous Woman”, a melancholy song about a love story doomed from the start. Boasting choppy beats and a steady bassline, this emotional, downtempo groove offers a bold yet understated finish that will resonate with hopeless romantics.

This three-track collection is a big autumn mood, and pairs exceptionally well with the duo’s new video game ‘L4U’ available on Android and iOS (download it here). This epic, interactive experience is another way to get lost in the world of Bad Decisions.

We had a chat with member Cameron Breen on the duo’s biggest release so far.

AL365: Hey guys! How are you? Hope you haven’t been severely affected by COVID!

Cameron Breen: Hey! Weʼre doing better than most so weʼre very thankful for that. Weʼre  based in Europe right now in a place with minimal COVID restrictions, so life is relatively normal! (Excluding the limited travel). 

AL365: Tell us more about yourself. Why do you call yourselves Bad Decisions?

Cameron: Itʼs a simple story. Andrew and I met in high school, we were the only two DJs in the school. (Using the term DJ very generously here). So we decided to sus each other out and started working together. Certain people used to tell us that making music was a… Bad Decision and itʼs so hard to go down that path. So I guess we just kept making them.

AL365:  You both are experienced in making music. Tell us more about your past musical background prior to forming Bad Decisions.

Cameron: Andrew has a band background, he used to play little shows when he was young. I had almost no musical background before making dance music. My dad and sister were both great at playing instruments, but I never really found my thing until I downloaded FL Studio for the first time. Since then, I began singing but that never would have happened if I never started producing.

AL365: How would you describe your music style?

Cameron: It’s been ever changing over the years, from different music influences and  tastes as well as age. Weʼve come to a point where we want to deliver more of a message or tell a story, not so much driven by what the club is going to think of it. So weʼve gone down a much more melodic path, a mix of future bass/pop with some hip-hop influences lack of better words. 

AL365: Congratulations on the release of your ‘King of the Youth’ EP, released via Jauz’ ‘Bite This!’ label. How have you developed your career in seeking out new opportunities?

Cameron: We just try to make stuff that feels right, whatever comes from that weʼre  thankful for.

AL365: Is there an overarching theme for ‘King of the Youth’ EP?

Cameron: The theme is growth and experiences. Something we always tend to lean  into is life questions, decisions etc. We canʼt help but write introspective stuff.

AL365: Has COVID affected the production process in any way?

Cameron: Yes it has, definitely took a mental toll at points as well as Andrew and I  being separated for periods of time due to restrictions. Itʼs been tricky but weʼre in a good place now. 

AL365: Listeners were able to preview a part of the EP a few days before release with lead single ‘Run’. What’s the story behind the track and why choose this as the lead single over the titular track of the EP?

Cameron: For me personally, itʼs my favourite off the EP. I think production wise it really tells its own story. Itʼs really dynamic instrumentally and Iʼm proud of that.

AL365: All three tracks are absolute fire if I do say so myself. ARIIA’s vocals add some nuance to ‘King of the Youth’, whereas ‘Dangerous Woman’ features this catchy beat that stays with you long after the track has finished. Were there any other tracks that were considered for this EP?

Cameron: Thank you! ARIAA absolutely kills it, sheʼs a talent to watch 100%. There were a few, however theyʼll probably come out as singles or maybe not. Weʼll see 🙂

AL365: It seems that you guys are also game developers! You have a mobile game titled ‘L4U’, an endless runner where you ride a bike and avoid obstacles. Why the decision to create a video game and how does it help promote your music?

Cameron: We ourselves are not game devs! We have a lot of knowledge of how it works, and Iʼve done some courses, so I know my way around Unity but I CANNOT CODE. That being said, weʼve always been into games. Andrew used to crack his school laptop so he could play GTA and Iʼve basically been a lifetime gamer. However, recently, Iʼve really seen the potential for what mobile games can be. Weʼre just dipping our toes in the water and wanted to have a bit of fun. 

AL365: What would you say are key factors in building your career and getting your work recognized?

Cameron: Be yourself, do what you feel is right, donʼt take shortcuts and remember  everyone is on their own path. It can take six months or 10 years, just donʼt compare yourself to others. Itʼs super toxic for your mental health and progression in your career.

AL365: With COVID taking over our lives, how do you guys manage to stay active?

Cameron: We just try to document our daily lives, try to not overthink it.

AL365: Did you guys make any…’bad decisions’ this year? 😛


AL365: Who are you guys currently listening to that fans should keep their ears out for?

Cameron: Great question, I always praise them when this question comes up but I  honestly believe theyʼre the most underrated musicians in the industry, that being Duke & Jones. Theyʼre so good.

AL365: What are your goals for 2021?

Cameron: We give a unique show experience, we wanna release a lot of music, just enjoy the ride.

Hope everyone’s staying healthy, remember to check in on your mates & try not to overthink things. Thanks for having us!