We spoke to george and Cosmic Boy and asked them more about their recent EP collaboration Love in summer, their individual style of music, and how they see the expansion of Korean music (such as Korean R&B) in the industry.

Fully embodying the carefree spirit of summer love and the summer season, the new EP by this versatile duo also sets the bar for a new wave of K-R&B.

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The duo have worked together previously on tracks such as “Brainwashed” and “camping everywhere” and it is no surprise how this R&B singer-songwriter and producer team have gelled so well.

All five tracks on the recently released EP are in a music sense “such a mood…” and we are loving songs such as “love in summer” and “water”.

AL365: Hi george and Cosmic Boy. Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Massive congrats on the new EP ‘Love in summer.’ We are loving the summer vibes and paddle (indie)-pop colours on the EP.  You guys previously collaborated on tracks “camping everywhere” and “Brainwashed”. What was it like working together again on this new EP?

george: We’ve worked together several times before. It was quite familiar and similar to the feeling I felt when working with him back then.

Cosmic Boy: I had a good time working with george and his voice again. He is the best!

AL365: ‘Love in summer’ has a very indie dream pop feel, while ‘water’ is leaning towards a chill R&B almost London pop vibe. How would you describe your individual style and how do you feel it has contributed to the style of the new EP?

george: I have a lot of interest in various music genres, so I usually listen to them regardless. Cosmic Boy is just like me in that respect. It made us try to make the album with diverse music.

Cosmic Boy: I just wanted to make an album that I would personally listen to. So, the style of the new EP is close to my recent taste in music.

AL365: If you could pick a favourite song from the EP to introduce to someone who has not heard the EP or your music before, what track would it be?

george: My favorite song is “surf”. I had fun when I made the  track. I’ve even been listening to it after it got released!

Cosmic Boy: I’d say the song, “used to”. I love its theme. It translates to ‘do not regret or second guess about your past love, just stay the way you used to’. I think it’s good to listen to when you want to get something off your mind.


AL365: What sort of music did you listen to growing up?

george: When I was young, I used to listen to R&B music mostly.

Cosmic Boy: I grew up listening to the ’90s and 00’s music by Korean singers such as Kim Gun-mo, Sung Si-kyung, Kim Bum-soo, and Seo Taiji and Boys.

AL365: Besides working on this new EP, what’s in the pipeline for you?

george: Nothing in particular yet.

Cosmic Boy: I’ve just started, but I’m thinking of making a full-length album. I think it’s coming out next year.

AL365: We’re now seeing a new wave of Korean music that goes beyond the traditional K-pop music. It feels that we are more exposed to genres such as K Indie music and K R&B, and from music artists such as yourselves. What are your thoughts on this development?

george: I think of this development in a really positive way. I hope Korean music will continue to grow and evolve with the same momentum.

Cosmic Boy: I think we’re having more and more unique styles of music. There was a certain standard of music that hindered music artists from creative activity in Korea in the past. But the limit seems now to have disappeared as K-pop draws global attention. 

AL365: Is there anything you like to say to our readers and your fans out there? 

george: Thank you so much for your love for my music. I’m definitely going to continue to make music, so please look forward to it!

Cosmic Boy: It’s been great, thanks for giving us this platform to engage with our listeners. I would appreciate it if you look forward to listening to my upcoming music as well. I hope that you are staying safe, and don’t forget to wear a mask.

AL365: Thanks again. We look forward to more of your music soon!