Korean singer-songwriter george and producer Cosmic Boy have teamed up to release their joint EP ‘Love in summer’.

R&B singer-songwriter george first gained a large following through the addictive chorus of one of his earlier singles “Boat” in 2017. Since then, george has consistently collaborated with artists such as Primary, ADOY and Kim Hyun-chul.

Versatile producer Cosmic Boy has garnered recognition from both the mainstream and underground music scenes. His first foray into the industry was in 2018, and was initially known for his hip-hop and R&B-leaning sound. His style has since evolved into the genre-bending signature sound that listeners have grown to love and expect from him.

The new EP which is all about summer love and fully embodies the carefree vibe of the season follows the release of the earlier collab track “surf”.

The animated music video for the laidback and soulful track “water (Feat. pH-1)” followed, featuring an adorable character roaming the surreal seabed in search of something elusive.

The 5-track EP sees features from artists such as Youra and rapper pH-1. The EP ‘Love in summer’ has truly solidified the chemistry between george and Cosmic Boy, who have collaborated in the past on tracks “camping everywhere” and “Brainwashed”.

With ‘Love in summer’, george and Cosmic Boy have set the bar for a new wave of K-R&B.