Alternative singer-rapper DE’WAYNE has dropped a lit and energy-pulsating new single – ‘Radio-Active’.

The alternative singer/rapper has been blurring genre lines and breaking out of any box he has been put into through his music, electrifying stage presence and one-of-a-kind style and this new electric track pushes that to the next level.

“Radio-Active for me is about wanting to knock down that door, breaking through and getting to that place I’ve been dreaming of since I wrote my first song — by any means necessary too,” shares DE’WAYNE on the new single. “I’ve been starving for a long time and the opportunities ahead of me are all I need to take care of me and my people. Now I’m on this warpath towards the place I really wanna be.”

‘Radio-Active’ joins recently released single ‘National Anthem’ as DE’WAYNE’s second release with Hopeless Records. “National Anthem”, released in June of this year, is a propulsive track that demands urgency, discards safety and predictability and plunges head-first into cultivating an energy and art form that takes risks. Speaking to the America he has seen and reflecting on the America today, DE’WAYNE is using his voice as a Black artist that crosses genre lines to encourage others to fight for their lives.

Combining elements of rock, industrial, and rap, DE’WAYNE defines a new culture of raw, tasteful blending of explosive emotion and soulful charisma. And he’s just getting started.

Cover photo by: Lizzie Steimer