AsiaLive365 was able meet 22 year-old DJ and Producer Kungs at Together Festival. He told us about his upcoming album that will be releasing this year, his journey as a DJ, his favourite place to eat in Bangkok and many more.

The 22 year-old French DJ and Producer was able to meet us at the most talked about EDM festival namely, Together Festival. He was able give us some insights on his journey as a DJ, upcoming releases, where he toured in Asia, his favourite spot in Bangkok and many more. Read below!

AsiaLive365: Since releasing the debut hit “This Girl” in 2016. The song became a global hit at festivals across the world. Can you tell us how this song changed your journey as a DJ?

KUNGS: This song changed my entire life because I didn’t expect it to be such a huge success. It also allowed me to release other singles and to perform in many places around the world.

AsiaLive365: Will you be able to tell us about your plans for the rest of 2019?

KUNGS: I’m currently working on a new album. The new direction and story that I am trying to tell will be more mellow and emotional. I’ve been to LA a lot to write songs so I’ll try to release the new single before summer and I’ll have 5-6 tracks ready to be release!

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AsiaLive365: Given a chance to host a stage at one of the big music festival, who will be in your lineup?

KUNGS: I’d love to have Calvin Harris for sure! I think he’s probably one of my favourite DJs. Also Boys Noize, Skrillex and maybe also with Dua Lipa and other Pop singers.

AsiaLive365: Have you performed a B2B set before? If not who would the artist of your dreams be for a B2B set?

KUNGS: I’ve done a lot of B2B mostly with friends and DJ friends at after parties. My dream B2B would definitely be with Daft Punk!

AsiaLive365: Is it important to be a DJ and a producer nowadays in order to be noticed?

KUNGS: Yes I think it’s important to be a DJ as well as a producer because it allows you to have your own atmosphere and your own vibe. There’s nothing better than to be able to play your own tracks on stage! I think it would be really sad if I didn’t produce!

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AsiaLive365: With the rise of Electronic music in Asia, how would that affect a DJ touring calendar?

KUNGS: I was only here when Asia started to like Electronic music, but I think it’s amazing that Asia loves Electronic music! I was able to do tours in China and Indonesia and it’s been amazing! People in Asia are always welcoming too, so I’ll most likely being doing more sets in the future.

AsiaLive365: Any tips as a DJ on how to stay healthy on the road?

KUNGS: Drink lots of water, try to get as much sleep as much as possible and go to the gym when you have the time!

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AsiaLive365: What do you pack in your luggage when touring?

KUNGS: I have a few t-shirts, few pair of jeans, gym clothes, phone charger, computer, computer charger and my DJ gear!

AsiaLive365: Any place you would love to visit in Bangkok?

KUNGS: We watched a documentary on the plane on the way here and there was a place that I really wanted to visit and we managed to go up there yesterday. It was called Jay Fai and the food was absolutely incredible!
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